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  1. Locking threads in the Tinderbox

    Geez Panthro. Locking all my threads GOOD GOD
  2. Trump vs. Hillary

    People still do that? I thought everyone on this board that belittled people's sexuality had offed themselves already.
  3. LINK WAS INCORRECT. This really happened in Vegas (of all places) in December. Lockered.
  4. Economic Freedom Zones

    Fast forward 15 years to when businesses are backing out due to shitty infrastructure and poorly educated local workers and police are overzealously pursuing the poor and underserved for minor crimes to make up for the shortfalls in tax revenue.
  5. Harriet Tubman

    Genocides a pretty tough one to come back from for me, sorry.
  6. Musician Prince Dead at 57

    America just lost its greatest living singer, songwriter, and guitarist all on the same day. All of those people were Prince.
  7. Harriet Tubman

    Now doing a linewith a rolled up 20 can be called "going down the Underground Railroad"
  8. UNC vs Nova Championship Thread
  9. 1 Olivier Vernon please.
  10. Here's to hoping he never sees the field.
  11. Oregon under attack

    Prevent anything from coming in or out and have them starve to death. No shots fired. No innocent lives lost. Problem solved.
  12. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Greg Hardy is a sexistP.O.S. Not surprisingly so are most of his defenders.
  13. Oh and