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  1. Martavis Bryant if he don't get resigned.
  2. They j just went into Pittsburgh in fugging mother fugging January and beat them. Wtf? Anything can happen, when Pittsburgh scored Jacksonville had an answer. Idc how many pts they gave up because great defenses In years past have given up yardage and pts. The key to remember is most of Pittsburgh's big plays came on 4th down and New England is more of a short passing team. They can do it, anytime you beat Pittsburgh at home you've done something.
  3. Falcons choke against Foles PIE thread

    I think Philly is going to the bowl, a lot of lucky bounce plays, the fumble recovery for. TD. Their defense looks monstrous, I think they'll shut down New Orleans run game. Their secondary is just up to the task, they remind me a lot of the 2015 Panthers. Unfortunately for them Foles won't win the damn thing and they need Wentz. They'll lose to the Pats.
  4. Mock offseason moves

    And people think that Star and Norwell are so easily replaceable. Reminds me of Gettleman and how he thought about those things. Foolish.
  5. Mock offseason moves

    Let go of our best guard? Okay lol...haha
  6. Mock offseason moves

    To me it seems Butler has been underwhelming, more of a pass rusher. Star is nothing but a huge body in the middle and he demands double teams. Norwell is just well... Norwell, a freak. Moton could be good but switching from playing reps at Tackle to left guard idk. I feel like the guy can't ever get used to just playing one position. Definitely need to keep one as letting them both walk would be very foolish imho. Much like we did Norman and trust in youngins to carry us to a championship.
  7. Mock offseason moves

    How are Butler and Moton gonna play though, those are some big shoes to fill.
  8. Mock offseason moves

    We have to keep either Norwell or Star...
  9. Losing changes everything for the better eventually for a competent organization who hasn't had a monstrosity of fug ups in the draft. Winning and having a historical season in which should have by all accounts been a SB win... changes things like winning the Superbowl every year is the standard. It's a great standard to have, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Superbowl or gtfo.
  10. I want John Fox back and you can take the Turners with you Ron. Chud for O Coordinator and I want Dorsey back.
  11. Is Jimmy Graham a realistic target?

    Graham and Olsen, poo wouldn't be fair.
  12. We're picking 24th in the 1st round

    Julio didn't have gaudy stats either, Ridley actually has better stats in college than Julio. Alabama is a RUN first squad, people forget that. The dude seriously has no weaknesses and Hurts could have had him on 2 passes back to back. Early in the game, didn't see him wide open over the middle of the field and the fade pass sucked. We'll see what he does leading up to the draft but Cooper has gone on record to say Ridley was a better prospect than himself as a freshman. He's worth the farm in my honest opinion.
  13. Hurney on WFNZ

    I agree except the DL did not get enough pressure on teams. It was proven versus a good line against New Orleans. We need some skill there.
  14. Will the Vikings win next week?

    Saints play in a Dome, Minnesota plays in a Dome. Those are the obvious stage 1 factors, New Orleans has legit speed on offense. Minnesota does not... thelien and Diggs aren't Snead and Ginn. They don't have a Snead or a Ginn, New Orleans has a big time Running game. Minnesota does not, and New Orleans has a future Hall of Fame QB and SuperBowl champion in Brees. The crowd should be a non factor, New Orleans has pitted a power house offense and finally has a top 5 Defense. Do you trust Keenum against that resurged D? No New Orleans vs Atlanta nfc championship game New Orleans vs New England Superbowl I'm calling it now. Sean Payton will take notes on everything playing at Minnesota because that's where the Superbowl will be played. They'll have an advantage over New England.