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  1. Because the good choir boys are getting it done am I rite?
  2. Official Panthers at Bears Gameday Thread

    Typical let's not get beat up too bad bullshit by Rivera , and Rivera has no care for Cam at all. It's okay just watch your QB get beat up. If you're gonna give up it's time to give Garrett some snaps because Anderson doesn't need any and he won't be much better.
  3. Official Panthers at Bears Gameday Thread

    Our whole defense can't catch HIV after being rammed by long tree branch cock in the middle of the god damned congo.
  4. Deshaun Watson first rookie to ever win MVP and rookie of the Year.
  5. But... does Chicago have anybody like Fletcher Cox?
  6. We didn't play bad

    The problem is nobody knows if/When Kalil will come back.
  7. Exactly, any team can look great if they get 2 or 3 possessions inside the other teams 20.
  8. And if Kuechly doesn't go out y'all don't even score. Turnovers and making the most of your opportunities.
  9. Of course it's always the Refs stfu. Eagles fans just won their superbowl in week 6. Gtfo, long season ahead and y'all haven't won poo since 2004.
  10. Hello - Eagles fan here

    He means Lane Johnson won't play. Concussion protocol.
  11. Toughest game this season against Eagles?

    The Lions had a legit rush too.
  12. What Lions fans are saying

    "I do share your concern about Cam evading the pass rush and finding running lanes as the Lions pass rush has a tendency to over pursue but if they keep Cam in the pocket, I don't see a big concern. He has never been a very good passer, one of the more overrated players in the league because he had one MVP type season surrounded by great players and is flashy. I'd be more worried about the Lions offense going up against the Carolina D." lol someone needs to educate this guy on Cams mvp season. His receivers were? I'll wait... His right Tackle was.... I'll wait again...
  13. McNabb talks about Cam on Mike n Mike

    And I've always said that stuff watching him at Camp. If he would take checkdowns when it's necessary, who the hell can stop him ? Nobody.
  14. Cam's throws today

    One of the things I noticed was he used his feet. Last week he had a bunch of flat footed throws.
  15. Cam Newton passer rating

    I can forgive the defense. It's tough to hold a hall of fame QB to under 30 points. Tackling was something to be worked on though, and stopping that run game too. Need to focus on shutting down the run game going forward. I thought Bradberry looked great.