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  1. Well there ya go, play against Brady and it doesn't matter how good in zone you are.
  2. David Newton says we are following the Eagles' model

    Our defense is so much better than Philadephia's it's insane. Tom Brady absolutely shredded them but it just came down to one good defensive play. We've never let Brady have 5 TDs on us. If the offense could get moving and stay moving, we'd have no problems being one of the top teams in our respective conference and in the entire league.
  3. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    That's why we've been crying for someone to take the top off of the defense is because Funch commands attention like a #1 should.
  4. It depends on the draft honestly, you can find a good guard and a space eater. The position that worries me the most right now is our safeties. The future of the O line as well, have to go o line heavy in this draft. Ryan Kalil won't be with us, Matt Kalil could be gone, who knows if we'll be able to keep Williams. Trai is really the only recognisable name on that unit. Scares the hell out of me for Cam in the future.
  5. Adrian Peterson?

    Each time Cap touched the ball he did something positive more than he did negative. That's why, because people were getting tired of Mccaffery working his ass off and Stew being a bit past his prime.
  6. I'm sure Peppers will sign with the Saints. They'll fug us over in a big way, sphincter stretching stuff folks. Then he's dead to all of us, or should be.
  7. This isn't the eagles offense, don't forget what Ted Ginn was able to accomplish and still is accomplishing with the right team. The Eagles offense is West Coast, the dude just didnt fit right. Baltimore's offense was run heavy.
  8. dj chark should be the pick

    yes 2 second round picks and 3 3rd rounders, I'd be okay with that.
  9. You guys all act like we were just going to bring in a more consistent kicker. Like there's a john Kasay sitting on the market, even he had his wtf moment during SB38.
  10. But Bryant is 90 years old and he could fall off at any given time.
  11. What's Hurney's big move going to be?

    Signs Josh Norman cause he gets cut. Instantly makes our secondary competent by tenfold. Everyone goes nuts, then Hurney being the sick bastard he is will draft someone that nobody had on their radar in the first, or hadn't put much thought about. Who will turn out to become a monster at whatever position he's drafted. Then Hurney has a helluva draft, trading to the early 2nd to land a future franchise LT. Hurney takes a flier on Tavon Austin and his career finally explodes as a deep threat slot receiver.
  12. Combine Thread

    They should just work on blocking the whole combine day and do the cone/short shuttle. Then we'll see who's really worth a damn.
  13. Ugh why am I a Panthers fan again? With potential dumbass decisions like these?
  14. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I have a source that tells me Shula is reptilian.