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  1. Moton, I want to see how he does in drills. I want to see him finish primarily in the preseason I'll get a very good look at him but I want to see how he does. It's very important to Cam.
  2. Salisburysean98

    Jameis Winston expects to be suspended

    Hell no! Fitz would only be good for maybe the Playoffs, something the Bucs haven't heard in ages. In the Division they play in that is nearly impossible ..
  3. Salisburysean98

    Jameis Winston expects to be suspended

    He has Antonio Brown he can thank for having a career.
  4. Salisburysean98

    Oliver luck CEO of XFL

    Good, maybe the NFL will get rid of Goodell and the game can get back to being played how it should be. Violently, you know what you're signing up for when you want to play in the NFL no need to pussify the game more and more each year. Ray Lewis used to break guys down and kill them, break their fugging will power on the field and show them who the man was. Football needs to get back to that in order to increase interest. Football is a mean and nasty sport, dont like it for your kids? Let them play soccer.
  5. Salisburysean98

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    It's not about racial undertones or racial elements, it's all about what YOU people perceive as such based on what the media is trying to make of it or turn it into. There's this thing in our country called the first amendment and it states that everyone has a right to freedom of speech, but you see the PLAYERS didn't use freedom of SPEECH. If Reid and Kaepernick would have came out in a press conference and enlightened many Americans on their views of what's going on with racial injustice... (and there has been a lot of it I might add with police brutality) It would have went WAYYYYYYYYYY differently. Anytime you kneel, sit, or lie down for our national anthem... You disrespect the country you play for period. You disrespect all that have fought and died for our freedom. I don't care if I take a timeout, I'm sick of people playing the race card constantly on the pro Anthem fans.
  6. Salisburysean98

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Yeah Henry ain't shi!t
  7. Salisburysean98

    Possible Huge Addition

    This, and if you're a bitch like Martin guess what? The other linemen will pick on you too.
  8. Salisburysean98

    Back to back winning seasons

    We'll probably beat Cincy and Baltimore now that Agent 89 is gone but you ready for this? We'll lose to Pittsburgh as we usually do, plus it's away andddddd Cleveland.... yeah it's the ones you chalk up as wins you don't expect to lose but with this team having no back to back winning seasons... Anything is possible
  9. I mean everyone should know it's all about what the NFL owners want. It shouldn't come as a shocker to see Navarro pushed out.
  10. Salisburysean98

    Panthers Trade Pick #88 For Pick #101 and #147

    Some of you sound like Mel Kiper when he was talking about Trent Dilfer being a franchise quarterback when he came out in the draft. Lol! Nobody on this board is a scout all we can do is hope the picks actually pan out, some of you instead are bashing Hurney relentlessly. Btw I'm also a huge Hurney critic and I was a big Dave Gettleman fan. It's difficult to say exactly what was going on behind closed doors during Dave's tenure here. On one hand many people blame him for not getting Cam any help but one has to ask the question of; if having Jerry part of the process, and war room was the reasoning for the Panthers habitually ignoring the fact that Cam needed help and Jerry simply just put his big balls on the table so to speak and said no to any receivers or Offensive linemen. Before the draft Carolina needed WR,DE,OL,CB,S. We now have a Safety, we are logjammed at CB and WR depth, something that's never happened under Dave. So let's relax and see what happens during the rest of the draft, 2018 Season, and beyond. I understand the disappointment of not getting Ronnie Harrison or Justin Reid but guess what? The other teams that picked before they were drafted didn't think it was worth it to take them anyways. Also what about New England? Nobody has talked about their draft picks besides the first round Tackle. What about them? Who the hell are those guys? Nobody fugging knows poo right now.
  11. Salisburysean98

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Rounds 2-3

    If Tampa takes Reid that would be some ish
  12. Salisburysean98

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Rounds 2-3

    He better bulk up before he matches up on Ridley... only 175 lbs. It's no wonder he's so fast.
  13. Salisburysean98

    Voth: Hurney was attempting to trade up

    Yes, Atlanta got Ridley. Jumping jesus our secondary best be ready.
  14. To compete for the bowl? Probably 4 or 5.