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  1. bobsfoodbasics

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Other than being CMC's bed buddy, I don't even understand what Lance Taylor does? He's been here two years and hasn't done anything with the WR's.
  2. bobsfoodbasics

    Panthers work out a few players today

    You'll probably play more snaps than the first rounder...
  3. bobsfoodbasics

    Josh Gordon!

    You're right. The pats, eagles and niners, who were all interested, are all run by idiots. Hurney and Ron are model decision makers.
  4. bobsfoodbasics

    Josh Gordon!

    It was supposed to be a 6th round pick but the pats didn't have one so they gave up a 5th. I am so fuging mad right now.
  5. bobsfoodbasics

    Josh Gordon!

    We can start a scrub LT 2 days after signing him but god forbid a first round WR who was been with the team since April
  6. bobsfoodbasics

    Josh Gordon!

    Need to draft another LB
  7. bobsfoodbasics

    Josh Gordon!

    Pats taking a chance on a guy who can make them better. Ron having trouble benching Amini Silotulu.
  8. Torrey is a waste of $5m and roster spot
  9. He knows he needs to produce or he will be replaced at the end of the season. Hopefully Tepper is already looking for replacements.
  10. Hopefully this is Ron the dumbass dinosaurs last year coaching this team.
  11. bobsfoodbasics

    C.J. Anderson questionable ? New report

    he's got strep throat. he will be fine.
  12. bobsfoodbasics

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    Clark will be starting at RT on Sunday.