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  1. man those 7 people must post a lot because i see several posts a day on how great marty hurney is
  2. Sounds like there may a divide in the front office between the pro-hurney crowd and the "a new GM would be best for the organization" crowd.
  3. Burton is going to get PAID
  4. I just find it funny that the local beat writers never report any news on the Panthers. I am waiting for the Joe Person tweet in 20 minutes confirming that Lake Dawson had a second interview.
  5. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    Jimmy Raye, come on down...
  6. From a PFT article on Gettleman hiring former Panthers director of player personnel Mark Koncz: What a joke of a franchise! And people said working with Gettleman was difficult... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/02/08/dave-gettleman-bringing-former-panthers-lieutenant-in-to-consult/
  7. hire jimmy raye and get it over with. they need someone in place before the combine.
  8. Rumor: McDaniels may turn down the Colts

    Rumors out there that Luck isn't coming back any time soon. I don't blame McDaniels for backing out. Irsay is toxic.
  9. You trade foles to the highest bidder
  10. it's so hard watching this team, with incompetence standing there with his arms crossed along the sidelines.
  11. Belichick actually likes to go out and win games. He wouldn't be a good fit in Carolina.