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  1. bobsfoodbasics

    Why has no one asked this!!!

    His daughter Casey is kind of cute
  2. bobsfoodbasics

    Rich Eisen interviews Riverboat Ron

    The entire GMFB crew is pretty awesome too.
  3. Umm our GM is a sports radio talk show host. I think most intelligent people are fed up with him too. It has nothing to do with her being a woman, and more to do with her not being qualified to manage an NFL team.
  4. bobsfoodbasics

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    I know most of us in our personal lives hate working with/for idiots. Tepper is no exception. If you like working with idiots, then you're usually the idiot. This guy is a smart dude and he is going to put smart people in place to be successful.
  5. still can't believe he didn't catch the hail mary
  6. The whole reason for selling the team was because of JR being a perv at the workplace.
  7. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Whiz-kid-Taylor-Moton-hoping-to-pass-left-guard-test/978c1ef3-b9a5-4784-9304-17bb97d040dd
  8. bobsfoodbasics


    This is $1 billion
  9. bobsfoodbasics

    Serious: What will Tepper do with Hurney?

    Hurney will finish out the year
  10. that was kestenbaum not tepper
  11. you obviously haven't read the forum for the past week or so