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  1. I would consider the panthers picking up a late 5th some how and taking Zane. Can't see Gettleman taking a kicker before then.
  4. Fournette might be the better pure RB but McCaffrey is the better player. The panthers already have JStew. They don't need Fournette. They do need a receiving RB who also can play alongside JStew and motion from the backfield to the slot and line up as a WR. If they are choosing between those 2 players, I would prefer McCaffrey. Personally, I hope Jamal Adams is their at 8.
  5. i can't see gettleman taking him. he might be a great pass rusher but the panthers need their DE to be able to tackle and stop the run. harris is a terrible tackler and terrible against the run. i don't see the panthers trading down. they already have 8 picks. do they have room on the roster to fit more than 8 players?
  6. watch his pro day video where he lined up as a WR kid can play slot WR, line up out wide and play RB he's a better jamal charles/devonta freeman
  7. I've said the RB's are a smoke screen to get jamal adams to fall. Not sure if it's working...
  8. For anyone who doesn't know who Greg is, he was the former director of college scouting for the Chicago Bears and an NFL scout for 30+ years. Edit: Also says it's possible that McCaffrey could go before Fournette
  9. to follow up on this comment
  10. I actually think Solomon Thomas might fall out of the top 10
  11. I know the niners might take Trubisky at 2, but who is taking Mahomes? Bears? Jags? Jets? Chargers? I think it's the Jags.
  12. 2 QB's going in the top 7 is now pretty much a lock