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  1. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    Peppers had a great game and I like the way they're using him. I also love how Addison is playing right now. He is better than he ever was against the run.
  2. Kaelin Clay Traded to Bills

    Actually, an IR's player can come back for the play offs now, right? Either way, this has nothing to do with Bersin.
  3. Kaelin Clay Traded to Bills

    Yes. Bersin has nothing to do with this.
  4. Freeman in the Protocol

    I hope the young man is OK. RB is a tough position to get one of these before the season even starts because they take more hits than anybody.
  5. Anaylsis: Daryl Williams will win RT

    Exactly. We need to stop perpetuating this myth that RR refuses to play rookies. He has actually done it every year. It's just that some of them are not ready to start right away, and that's OK too.
  6. Anaylsis: Daryl Williams will win RT

    When has Ron ever started a vet over a 2nd round pick who was clearly better?
  7. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    I just want to see him put Matt Ryan on his ass a few times.
  8. How can you not pull for this kid?
  9. OK. I thought Adams was 29. I'm pretty sure that was his number with the Colts, so that's what I was going by. My bad.
  10. Almost every other huddle member will acknowledge that Worley improved as the season went on though and most of us also understand that he was only a rookie and has his best football ahead of him.
  11. If click on the twitter account link, you can go full screen there. Never mind. This one is different.
  12. You're the only one here who thinks Worley sucks and Funchess is only in his third season so the jury is still out on him. As for Sheppard, he is definitely an up and coming player and the Tampa fans hated losing him. Those guys tend to do well in this offense, regardless of how much you hate Shula.
  13. Adams was a little late helping on that play, but that could also be Cam doing a good job of looking him off. You can see him looking to his left before he threw it to the right. Nice job by him and Sheppard.
  14. Please talk me down

    I don't know if you serious or not, but Cam was already a better pocket passer than Vick when he was still a rookie.