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  1. Weird. It was mine to this:
  2. Bucs fan saying Luke is done

    He would not. Just as though he wouldn't be wrong if he said Cam blew the entire Super Bowl.
  3. Bucs fan saying Luke is done

    He's not wrong...
  5. As I sit at home tonight...

    Deep inside your... ...brain stem... since that's the only part of your brain actually in use. Firing on all 1 cylinder though.,..
  6. As I sit at home tonight...

    Look how deep I am in this ***'s brain... ...He's literally going insane.
  7. As I sit at home tonight...

    I didn't ask him to start arguments with me. The little b*tch is all over my nuts like he needs money for rent... ...I was just smack talking with these fine sister lovin', two teeth having, sheep banging, Carolina mountain folk.
  8. As I sit at home tonight...

    All in that head
  9. As I sit at home tonight...

    I don't know if Beasley will run backwards, but if a Panthers back were rolling his wheel chair down the hall way at the hospital, he might move out of the way... ...Cam might be the only starting caliber running back by week 8 or so.
  10. As I sit at home tonight...

    Blah blah blah... Hey, when do you think Cam will eclipse 4000 yards passing again? Think he'll ever have a passer rating over 90? Maybe next season he'll throw for over 20 TDs... His stats have been pretty ugly since his rookie season... Regression Ugly... E.T. Ugly...
  11. As I sit at home tonight...

    You can hear type and see sound. That's remarkable. I bet Carolina fans think you are Superman... ...or is that term reserved for average Quarterbacks who dress like Keebler Elves?
  12. As I sit at home tonight...

    Alright alright... ...Let's get back at the Panthers fans. Everyone hear about Cam graduating Auburn? He won't walk in the ceremony though... ...they didn't offer him and his family enough money for that.
  13. As I sit at home tonight...

    C'mon man. Your girl gets religious enough when I'm inside her. We don't need to take it there... ...back to the subject at hand. Brees and his season long NyQuil commerical.