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  1. Gano's leg strength

    He's still been decent. 2nd in KO yards and T-6th in # of touchbacks. But as a percentage of all kickoffs his TB number is lower this year at around 55% vs 74% in 2014 and 78% in 2013. But our kickoff coverage numbers are just gross. And we're one of only 4 teams that have allowed KO return TDs this year. I hope he sends them into the stands from now on. Anything else and I'll be holding my breath. 
  2. Dude, no one says oriental anymore. 
  3. Panthers "Double Mug" Blitz and more

    That's a very common look for this defense, especially in third down passing situations. We also give teams the same look with TD and Luke bailing out into pass coverage. Don't know if I've ever seen it where only one of them blitzes.  Good stuff from Kirwan. 
  4. Oh, crap.

    That's it. We might as well just stay home. No chance now. Especially since our pass rush is about as good as the one Romo faces in that clip. 
  5. Second Half Season Predictions?

    True stories, I'm not going to predict a loss in any game for the rest of the season? Why would you? We can and should win every game left on our schedule. I honestly don't care that Romo will be back for the Dallas game. I tend to agree with Deion Sanders when he said Romo would be "rusty dusty" upon his return. Panther nation is going to have a great Thanksgiving. 
  6. Panthers on pace for record Pro Bowl numbers

    If TD isn't a probowler this year I'm going to rage so hard. And that's all I got to say about that. 
  7. Merril Hoge on NFL live said...

    Honestly, ask yourself if you thought we could be 8-0 at this point in the season. Now, why ain't 16-0 happening?
  8. Luke Kuechly leads PFF linebacker ratings on season

    PFF is a joke. According to my algorithm his grade is at least eleventy billion. 
  9. Congrats to you guys!

    Love you, Packer bro.  You're welcome here anytime as far as I'm concerned. Straight class, homie. 
  10. Best showing by the receiving core all season.

    I swear it's just PTSD from the preseason. I'm working at it. 
  11. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    The common rhetoric regarding kickers this year has been "either you have one or you don't." As far as I'm concerned, we have one. 
  12. Best showing by the receiving core all season.

    Well done by that group today, for sure. And Cotchery keeps proving why he's on this team week after week. He's made so many clutch catches for us. He's this year's version of Ricky "Mr. Reliable" Proehl.    I still get nervous when Philly is making a catch, but he is doing his best to remove those doubts. Well done by the young man for bouncing back.  If Funchess can build on his successes today we could really be in for a treat the second half of the year. 
  13. Next Four-Who do we beat?

    I don't know about wins and losses through the end of the year, I just know that I don't want us to. be the team that started strong but is sputtering into the playoffs. With our December record I don't see that happening, but we need to have some momentum going into January.  That said, 19-0.
  14. Who will Norman cover?

    So true. Our defensive front is going to need every ounce of discipline they can muster. Aaron Rodgers is a master of the hard count and if he gets a guy to jump they WILL snap the ball so he can take a shot down the field. They're incredibly successful at that as you pointed out. 
  15. I thought so, too. All credit goes to Jase, though. He came up with it today and posted it in this thread: (dunno if you saw it or not cause the board has been crazy today)