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  1. Trai in concussion protocol

    And shaq needs to be out there as well...even if he wonders around and has no idea where he is supposed to be still better than jones
  2. Trai in concussion protocol

    Very concerned about this...Turner is valuable and we need him on the field...now
  3. Captain

    So what is going on with him??
  4. Without turner we are in big trouble...need him on the field and that protocol could keep him out for weeks
  5. Trai in concussion protocol

    This totally sucks...that damn protocol could keep him out for weeks
  6. Seattle put Bennett up for nfl Man of the year that guy is a total POS
  7. Cam does need to look for him in checkdowns more
  8. Who made the decision?

    Totally agree...but we have to keep pressure on the qbs in these high powered offenses or they will just carve us up
  9. JNo not happy could he come back?

    I’d take him back in a heartbeat can we get him this week??
  10. Hornets vs. Thunder

    The bulls have won 4 games this yr and two were against us...thunder better than them or the lakers
  11. Hornets vs. Thunder

    Happy for the players lamb is so much better than Batum...I know his contract is horrible, but can’t we pull off something for him and frank in a trade?
  12. Just need to worry about the packers this week