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  1. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Yes I am satisfied with Torrey Smith and Wright...they are really good pick ups everything I read about Wright says he is clutch and a great lockerroom guy...would be great for Cam to have guy he can actually count on for 3rd down Smith has played in, and won, 2 Super Bowls...and is still fast...he is gonna be a better version of Ginn (who we lost unnecessarily LY and scored an 80 yd TD on us in the playoffs of you don’t remember...when he burned our secondary, mainly Coleman) we basically replaced star with a better version and got better, not great, replacements for weak players in the secondary that OG from minn is gonna help us too...yes we still need there but I think we draft a good one that will be with us for a while Draft is key, as always....but we have better players than we did
  2. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Don’t forget we lost Ginn too
  3. A young lineman with talent would great
  4. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Name off who we got LY?? we got six guys that come in and help us right away
  5. Top 3 remaining needs?

    Rookie CB starting right away are scary....we should take the best player available in 1 and 2, knowing that we need players at certain positions if a DE that can help us right away in the rotation we should grab him
  6. Well stated....and obviously an important part of our team but I think Turner is planning making big time impact on our offense and is gonna turn Cam loose and spread receivers all over the field...good receivers...gonna open things up and try to create a big time high powered scoring offense...hurney is stocking up with the players to make this happen knowing we fans, we will probably just get pissed that Shula was not dumped yrs ago....gonna be that dramatic of a change
  7. Top 3 remaining needs?

    More pass rush and blockers up front we get that part right, all else falls into place
  8. The rich get....

    Let’s remember that young healthy woman was a gold digging tramp
  9. The rich get....

    This guy has been a POS for awhile wonder when the Vegas Police are gonna bring charges against him?
  10. if he is better than wrley we came out way ahead...i still say t smith will be an impact player for us
  11. Bucs trade for JPP

    1 yr in tampa for big $$ while the giants get royally hosed for yrs no love lost for either team, but agents are the scum that is destroying teams with ridiculous guaranteed contracts next league contract players are gonna be shut out by owners for a long time to fix this
  12. Bucs trade for JPP

    id give up a 3 and a 4 for josh
  13. nobody wanted that garbage but the leftist media....like the observer that keeps throwing up those ridiculous photos of kap & pee daddy on their site