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  1. All the Ryan’s sucked...big mouthed blow yards that were way overrated
  2. Teams should work toward clauses in player deals that when then start this crap they can hold out pay when they bail on camp and practice
  3. bull123

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Easy for me...the Falcons...saints right there too cowgirls, Seattle, eagles right behind
  4. bull123

    Preseason Games

    I remember Cams rookie yr...mediocre on pre season then exploded against cards at their place in opener, which we lost i just want to come out healthy and start season by pummeling the cowgirls and beating Atlanta
  5. bull123

    Panthers make personnel changes

    I don’t know about Rogers either
  6. No way...we need 3...especially after what happened with Olson LY
  7. bull123

    Julio Jones holding out

    TO is garbage....great to see Julio chummy with him...hopefully he will turn into trash as well
  8. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    If you can’t see the hate being spewed out in the way they attacked and stabbed and robbed that waitress for no reason, they you are a big part of the problem...just wait until they get arrested....I bet 1000 to 1 they claim racial bias for their actions This is my last comment ever on tinderbox
  9. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Knew you folks would all be defending them....maybe it’s time for you to recognize the racism on your side
  10. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    lets see what comes out about these "citizens"...bet i'm right about all & more
  11. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    maybe it was the part where after they beat up the white waitress they then stole her tips
  12. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    if I had to guess...these ladies: 1) hate President Trump 2) are against voter ID 3) hate white people 4) feel entitled to "get theirs" 5) hate the police & feel that cops are only here to suppress them seems like the Democratic Party platform
  13. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    forget about Waters, Cortez, Pelosi, or Harris...here is the new face of the Democratic Party illustrating their version of standing up for equality & justice http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/07/13/four-women-wanted-for-pummeling-applebees-waitress-in-georgia-police-say.html
  14. bull123

    Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

    Like the part where the gay pride event was featured