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  1. Discuss.....

    I’d take it easy in dismissing Julio....he has been all pro against us for a few years now
  2. Going to be great to have him back got to get to game shape and speed, but he is VERY valuable and will help a lot
  3. This week...

    Just need to beat the Bears this week
  4. This week...

    Brees playing as good as he ever has....
  5. Matt Kalil

    We desperately need Ryan Kalil back
  6. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    I'm a lot more down on big Vern
  7. Don't wish injuries on anyone brees is as hot as anyone
  8. Ted Ginn Jr.

    Thanks gettleman
  9. I know...they are down 21-0 right now...I don't get it but they did beat us twice LY
  10. The int was totally his fault and cost us a touchdown we cant keep running on 1st down...need to run on 2nd and 5/6
  11. If he misses the bears game we should be OK but absolutely need him back for Tampa and atl