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  1. First look at the Carolina Blue Man group (colour rush)

    Have not read or heard that. The point being if they did "choose" to participate we had no choice on the sock color. If we chose blue theme then it was blue socks. IF we did have the choice then the all black would have been better I will admit. But, I like the blue. 
  2. First look at the Carolina Blue Man group (colour rush)

    Hello guys. This is not the Panthers doing. This is something that the NFL is doing. Not like the Panthers had a choice. Chill the fug out. Gonna spank the Cowgirls in those all blues. Like it or not. 
  3. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    My daughter and I will be there in Section 123.  Go Panthers and Fug the Deadskins!!!!!
  4. 2015 Jersey Color Schedule

    We wear the whites way too much as it is.  I prefer the blue or black jerseys.
  5. The best thing you will see all week

    I am still laughing.  I posted it on my FF site for all to enjoy!  "That's gold Jerry.  Gold!"
  6. Great idea and going to a good cause.  Thanks Jeremy.
  7. She's definitely hot!

  8. Yeah, I agree. The first time I saw that one I had to have it as mine. I've had a lot of comments about it over the years. Thats one of the reasons that I keep it. Everyone seems to like it. I could watch that thing for days......

  9. That woman in your avatar is one of the sexiest avatars ever.