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  2. You always hyperbolize at the end of a highly opinionated post
  3. Hurney 1.0: 1. Do the Panthers trade up or down in the first? Trade up to pick 14 (GB) mortgaging the future 2. Who do they select? RB/LB 3. What percentage of the Huddle will complain? 100% Hurney 2.0: 1. Do the Panthers trade up or down in the first? Stay put 2. Who do they select? Jaire Alexander 3. What percentage of the Huddle will complain? Minimal that turns after some senior poster posts a book about the prospect's "tape"
  4. The fact that Kirk is the top makes this suspicious. I see why some team's could view Miller ahead of Moore, but I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Also, Ridley's slight projected falls down boards has been pre-draft bs. That kid is going to be damn good. I REALLY don't want Kirk. Body catcher, has separation issues, doesn't show he extends to get balls at all, and really isn't explosive. Made explosive plays in college but they were never anything that special. Just weaving around traffic 5-10 yards away. My biggest concern with him: I don't see NFL level quickness, with the talent level all rising around him, I just see him being swallowed up. He's a fat Curtis Samuel.
  5. On the WR front, lets say all of them hit their ceiling; EQ St Brown is a near perfect Norv fit. Penny is very LTish and Gesicki is the ideal TE. We could haul all of them and still get a DB r1
  6. Speculate away! Haha This reaffirms my draft crush this year. If this kid and/or Penny winds up here, I’m going to be a happy camper.
  7. Daniels or Hernandez could very well be the pick.
  8. CBS Sports 7 Round Mock Draft with trades

    Agreed. Word is Penny is the 2nd RB over Guice on some team boards. I think he could be high 2nd. If we go DB round 1, you have to think if we trade up in Rd 2, it's going to be for an offensive weapon such as one of those top-3 TEs, Penny, Miller, etc. With our reported interest, I believe Hurst and Penny are our 2 most likely trade up targets. I can actually see that type of scenario. If there's a guy we think is a dynamite fit lasts to pick 38-40, we use one of our thirds to trade up to secure him. Just like DG did with Funchess & Hall. For me...given this draft class, it's hard to say if it could work out better with a 24, 39, & 85 or 24, 55, 85, & 88 haul. I think it could work well for us if we stayed put but maybe used our 6th or 7th to move up a few spots in R3.
  9. If this team isn't blowing smoke up our asses and really likes DJ Moore, fireworks could happen. Everyone knows the Ravens and Cowboys are WR starved. Trade value wise, one of our thirds could have us jump the Boys to the Seahawks position. That 6 spot jump could net us the particular guy we want if CBs start going fast and Ridley is gone after the Ravens pick. We all know Hurney likes the trade ups as much as Gettleman, maybe even more. Maybe Hurney 2.0 has learned though...we will see, we will see.
  10. 1-Hernandez 2-Miller 3-Penny 3-Bates Thats my wish. Miller is not a so called reach in the 2nd. I feel more comfortable about hombre than any WR in the last 2 drafts. For shizzle serious
  11. So 4 thread title changes...lol
  12. FFE FS FG TW BW RE: L1.02 RE: C6.1
  13. For f u c k s sake mate