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  1. davos

    Draft thoughts

    I view Graham like a smaller Delon Wright who can actually play away games. I like his movement and feel on offense.
  2. Graham is actually a pretty slick pick in my view. He'll be a backend roster guy rather than G-League if the whole Borrego-speech holds any water. Bridges is going to be similar to a Draymond Green in my view. It's actually not that bad of a draft but we're just setting ourselves up for mediocrity yet AGAIN!
  3. Did he pack on any pounds? Because that bro is built like an Ameristar fence
  4. My insane idea: Facilitate a Kawhi trade to CLE, while acquiring both 8 and Love. Kemba goes to SA along with Batum. Cleveland dishes a future first to SA as well, get a top guy to help keep Lebron. CHA gets: Love, 8th CLE gets: Kawhi SA gets: 2019 unprotected 1st, Kemba, Batum -- Don't even know if it could work or if SA gets enough in this...is there something workable here or meh?...or yikes!?
  5. I don't think the question even needs to be asked haha
  6. davos

    Trump is making a difference

    Quick! Change the channel!
  7. Interesting thing is that 2 of the worst are from So Cal in Dana Rodenbacher and Issa. At least Issa is leaving but that OC seat needs to get flipped. Dana is the worst POS out there you can find.
  8. Can we get 80s cocaine culture wall street out of power already? This country has gon' to the dogs.
  9. davos

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I hate to admit it, but I as well just don't get it. I have countless eps of No Reservations on my PC and both Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw in a rather small/mid-sized home library. I understand people can have inner demons and serious mental issues but this is just hard to take. I'm going to have a difficult time ever even rewatching one of my favorite TV personalities of all time. Definitely a harder pill to swallow celeb death wise than any in a while. Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, it just boggles the mind. Feel so bad for his daughter. I know there needs to be a level of respect in these type of situations but suicide, especially given his situation, is just so crazy to me. You can understand loneliness, regret, pain, shame, etc. but to sit in the bad feelings and let it brew to the point of terminating your own life is just mind boggling. I'm not religious or anything but I hope everyone out there is doing well; let this be a moment. @Johnny Rockets is right above: jaded is the right word. I'm quite sad about this but I'm not in the mood to memorialize him. This stinks :/
  10. davos

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    Great post mate. Hall has legit quickness off the snap and the size. If he can finesse his move set, he'll be an impact player for us. I personally think he has 3-down potential and have been a fan since before we even drafted him. He reminded me of a few guys in years past such as Preston Smith, Matt Judon, and Tarell Basham (same year). They check off the majority of the boxes you look for in either a 4-3 DE or oversized 3-4 OLB.
  11. davos

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Power to the guy; just got through a bunch of that sh!t earlier this year on the colon front. Luckily no chemo needed and they got it all. Hope good results for the gman.
  12. Nice work man. Don't know about Colin Jones' shade being "undeserved" though :/
  13. Someone needs to stop Phillyb’ing
  14. Douche v. Dick v. Asshole are important distinctions of character.
  15. Rosen is just a particular guy that is not a fit with many teams. If the Bills are making a locker room like ours, then a guy like Rosen isn't fitting. He's slimy douche-ish rather than overly confident...Cam is the latter. You can almost see J Rosen trying to be some overly confident character rather than a genuine confident prick, which makes him that annoying douche. I can see certain player types straight up not having it with him and pulling a Smitty with a haymaker. The Jewish thing...meh lol