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  1. Quad Rushing Attack

    Yeah, that's the transition that I'm getting at. That Miami defense quit in the second half but he still seemed to have the quickness and authority he displayed at Auburn. Even if CAP is not the heir apparent, he could still find himself in a good place behind CMC. It be good to work him in more if our running game continues to be dominant. If we find a stud this next offseason, hell yes, but it would be good to start feeling him out if it's producing strong results.
  2. I love our defensive line. We've got a legend in Peppers, a star in Short, and a stud in Star. Good vet presence, probably need more depth next year but the rotation with Butler, Love, Addison, CJ in the mix makes things fresh and we get after offensive lines as they wear down. Now let me relate this to the other side of the ball, this thread is about the running game. I think this last game showed that CAP can give us this type of dynamic freshness on offense if we use him effectively. Yes, it was pretty much garbage time, but I have to say, he looked damn good. It's nothing too complicated but we should basically have him in Stewart's role for ~2 drives a game. CMC is still CMC but let's sprinkle in CAP in place of Stewart's 2nd half time if the running game keeps going like it did in these last 2 weeks. A great example to look at is Corey Clement in Philadelphia this season. Factor in us letting Cam be Cam, we could have a pretty dynamic group that we can look to build on moving forward with Cam, Stewart, CMC & CAP
  3. This is not a bad thread but some of the responses in here are just weird. That being said, I still don't think Shula is the guy to pair with Cam to bring a franchise a Lombardi. Hopefully they prove me wrong this year.
  4. Trump supporters are such f*cking idiots.
  5. Yep. Against him but not a blind hater. We need a new GM.
  6. Democrats

    *We find out another Repulican f*cks children *Starts this thread..... Jangler is a creepy son of a bitch. The hayden thing was sorta funny at one point, but yeah...
  7. As someone who has active job sites in Sebastopol, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa, dealing with contractors and their teams who have lost their homes and had to go up there for site visits recently, I don't know how to respond to this. Go back into your corner.
  8. Rivera

    Logged back in and wanted to respond bc why not...(and I was lit and probably not making a ton of sense haha) The thread seemed curious to why his coaching is so unacceptable for so many. I'm saying it should be pretty darn clear even though we're winning more than losing with Ron. Me personally: I have an issue with situational decision making (from roster moves to in-game dilemmas), but again, the results are out there for all to see and we have won with the guy. So yes, things are good for the most part but this team can be incredibly frustrating and tease the fans with contender-ship. That's why IMO. Does that mean every critic wants him fired? No, but criticism is still warranted in certain cases. Inflated in others.
  9. Rivera

    I'm asking you...but you're deeming there to be a spectrum of correct on one side and huddle on the other. The huddle bashing is more annoying than the annoying bashers on the huddle. Post about football, not about the posts that are about football.
  10. Rivera

    Huh? You ok man?
  11. Rivera

    Me and my ilk lol Let's step back and just ask the question again, why is this happening to a coach of a 6-3 club?
  12. Rivera

    His decision making and ultimate results are out there for all to see and if he still gets this much sh*t after winning seasons....so maybe you're barking up the wrong tree. We have a sometimes above-average coach who's respected by players. He's someone that's hard to replace but difficult to accept. It's an annoying situation good or bad. It almost seems like you're pleading for people to accept him which shouldn't need to happen with a 6-3 club.
  13. Lol. And we wonder why people don't want him doing pressers.