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  1. Cam Newton

    Let's forget Ron's 4th down call against SEA, let's forget all of it. Let DESTROY THESE PANSIE 49ers. A BUNCH OF FLAKE FAKE FUNION LOVING TARTS
  2. I mean, we've got the best QB in the league. We've got the best 4-3 MLB in the league This team will DESTROY THIS YEAR. Thumbs and all..pure, strong, thongs
  3. I mean, we have like what 3 safeties on the roster and one is Colon f'n Jones
  4. Rappaport reorted he's expected to sign with the Steelers. 3 yr 27 mil
  5. Friendly reminder to watch out for scams. I bought a new Panthers hat and received a double extra large Seahawks dry-fit shirt. This was through the NFL's official affiliates so beware. Message out
  6. Full retard Donald

    So North Korea is trolling the President and he''s falling for it. Meanwhile, Pyongyang is strategically collaborating with our allies while we're wasting away. This country is such a clam.
  7. I haven't seen it. Did they win a title or something?
  8. I love Kemba but this is surprising to me.
  9. Norris looks really good. I know, consider the opposing talent, but I'm impressed. Byrd, Norris, CMC, Moton, Clay all looked great.
  10. I was rooting for Marlowe but the good news is we have 2 all pros at the safety spots, just absolutely no depth.
  11. Going back to school at 26...

    Went back at 27 for a dual Masters (Landscape Architecture/Urban Design). Paid off like crazy; cemented doing what I like and $$.
  12. New Pie Rules

    The D is kind of an odd one on such a reposted site but whatevs.
  13. Cam comin' out for FanFest

    Careful with your thread titles haha