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  1. davos added a post in a topic Who will be this year's surprise player?   

    He's good so it may not be a big surprise but Chris Houston should be able to step right in with Bene/Norman (and ahead of Tillman if peanut is slowing down a bit).  He's a vet too but I think he has 3-4 years left in the tank.  Been high on Coleman this offseason too.  
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  2. davos added a post in a topic Recasting Game of Thrones... with Panthers players...   

    *couldn't resist
    Dr. James Andrews is thus Thoros of Myr
    And Roman Harper is like Bloodraven old
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  3. davos added a post in a topic Tyson Chandler signs with the Suns   

    They're apparently making a hard push for Aldridge on top of this. 
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  4. davos added a post in a topic Team Leader- KK?   

    Short is a beast.  Big reason our pass defense was still so good with Hardy gone.    
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  5. davos added a post in a topic Harbaugh vs Cowherd   

    So many of Cowherd's questions are such odd "softballs" that it'd be hard for many to not respond awkwardly.  I'm not a Harbaugh fan but he really approaches football as job.  Similar to as what many think of their job but he's actually damn good at it...just a dick.  But then Cowherd turned it around and explained what was up and then Harbaugh seemed crazy brainless. 
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  6. davos added a post in a topic Luke cracking the top 10 this year?   

    I think he'll be around 6-8. 
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  7. davos added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    Thank gawd.  This has been one of my projected targets for us.  I think it'd be a good move but we still really need a 3rd PG
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  8. davos added a post in a topic Chornets   

    You make the revival thread and then this haha.  
    More like Chorenets...I'll see myself out  
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  9. davos added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    I was a few margs deep when I posted that haha.  I understand Biz is extremely poor on the offensive side but it looked like he was learning when to take the right shots last year.  His awareness and ball control is still quite damn bad.  I've been expecting this move though, just really worried about our defense because it's not like we got any truly lethal offensive threats.  I feel rather than getting a truly offensive powered team this offseason, we got solid offensive players with poor defense.  
    If Clifford actually plays Frank, him and Al could be a decent pairing.  But Fitting Zeller and Hawes into the equation is just hard to see for me.  What would be nice is if they actually play Frank since they were willing to pass up on a lot of different opportunities to make the pick.  His defense isn't awful by any means and put him, MKG, and Batum on the floor then Kemba/Al can go do whatever they do haha.        
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  10. davos added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    Put him in the right role and he could excel.  He's a ~15-18 minute rim protector.  This is the type of sh*t I don't wanna see in this forum.  Sorry Teeray, I never take jabs as long as I've been here but that's a f*cking stupid one-dimensional post.  Admittedly, similar to Biz's game, but if we don't know how to capitalize off his strengths with the right pieces, then we don't deserve him. Now I'm not saying he's good on offense or anything but that doesn't take away his ability to mesh with the exact 4-5 types we're bringing in.  Makes no f'n sense in my honest opinion.  I want basketball talk in this forum.  Tired of seeing this one-liner bs.   
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  11. davos added a post in a topic Positions of need/change?   

    We need a point guard that can run the second team.  Roberts is an ok rotational piece but he was disappointing from what I thought he could bring last season.
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  12. davos added a post in a topic Greg Monroe NOT meeting with Hornets...   

    We barely have enough cash to get Kendall Marshall coming off ACL surgery.  (Ok, that maybe an exaggeration but I foresee us getting a 3rd PG, hopefully better than Roberts, and that will likely be it outside of guys not targeted for the active roster) 
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  13. davos added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    I'm going to hold my breathe for our front court defensively. Zeller, Frank, Al, and Hawes? Yikes.  I understand getting guys that can shoot but you need balance.  Unless we're somehow shipping Al? I'm very lost with this team's decision makings this offseason more than ever. 
    They made me feel good for like 2 days after acquiring Lamb and Batum. 
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  14. davos added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    I'll admit, he has a nice looking shot:
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  15. davos added a post in a topic Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    Well I'll certainly hope for the best, but I'm really limiting my expectations.  Good post.  
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