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  1. davos added a post in a topic let's take a quick glance at turnover differential   

    Can you make a sausage out of guacamole?
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  2. davos added a post in a topic I'm nervous about kittens   

    Cheers to Boo's engagement!
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  3. davos added a post in a topic I'm nervous about kittens   

    She said space, then she runs back, then she leaves, then comes back, then........cats
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  4. davos added a post in a topic I'm nervous about kittens   

    I don't do it often but when I do, it's cat driven lol
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  5. davos added a post in a topic More CAP   

    He's probably one of the most decisive decision makers I've seen at the position for the Panthers.  He may not be a world beater but he's got the upside for 3-5 1,000 yard seasons.  Upside that is.  (yoda voice)
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  6. davos added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    I'm nervous about kittens

    Guyz I don't even know anymore!!!!
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  7. davos added a post in a topic Just Ignore Them. Don't Open Their Topics.   

    Haha at this.  Buuuut...when it's really just one user, is it the boards fault?  If I were a mod, I wouldn't want the threads clogging up my main Panthers forum page. Like this one. 
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  8. davos added a post in a topic Pegan (Paleo/Vegan Hybrid w/Meat)   

    Well it's like my own customized version of a paleo with Vegan elements (in large part bc I have Crohn's and LPR).  No need to click the link I guess haha.   
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  9. davos added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Miami HC Fired
    Jo Philbin is gone, the TE Coach is taking his place. 
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  10. davos added a post in a topic Anyone have a home gym?   

    I have a gym at my building but have a pullup/push up/curl bar and some kettle-bells.   Stuff for quick core workouts when I'm on gym breaks haha.  
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  11. davos added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    Every relationship needs respectful lines drawn in regards to what each partner differs about.  You were cool with her changing/influencing yourself too much and that's unhealthy and will create a bad situation.  Your friends noticed early, you kind of did, and it just doesn't sound like a fit.  I've always found the best relationships to be those with a precedent set: Being up front, understanding when space is necessary, and addressing things as they come (avoiding a slow or fast boil).  Just be up front with her and get out of it.  Anything will get worse from here on out so just drop it ASAP.
    Look for a nice chick the next time and hookup with what you find in the meantime after you break this off...and identify a good/non-consuming one the next time a relationship seems possible. 
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  12. davos added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    I could see them having a random hiccup against the Titans, maybe get tripped up on the 49er through Viking stretch and losing to us twice of course.   
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  13. davos added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    The WRs may not be elite, but our offense is just damn hard to get off the field
    It starts with Cam of course but the when the grind it out/methodical/long drive style really clicks, it frustrates the hell out of opponents.  Sure, the defense has seen these teams get some big drives in but we're overall winning on the drives front which is absolutely critical in Shula's offense.  This is a really interesting team we've got.  They really look capable of beating quality teams and more.  
    I can't imagine any opposing team gets excited about having to deal with so many 3rd down conversions thanks to Cam.    Just a quick thought here.  Let's enjoy this off week at the top of the league a quarter into the year.
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  14. davos added a topic in The Lounge   

    Pegan (Paleo/Vegan Hybrid w/Meat)
    As a precursor, I'm not trying to be "that guy" overly promoting a diet. 
    Also, I know it can be an easy front to make fun of all of these random new diets nowadays but I've quickly realized I unknowingly morphed into somewhat of this Pegan diet (link).  What it seems I do different is that I still have meat in meals but smaller portions, occasionally splurge and have a big steak and also give myself a sparingly "eat whatever I damn what feel like" meal. 
    Has anyone heard of this?  There seems to be a ton of stuff about it but I had never heard of it until I realized I kind of am on one. 
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  15. davos added a post in a topic Who is this Ryan Delaire?   

    6'4 265/270 he really showed some ability today.  I'm really interested to seem him next game. 
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