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  1. About those corners...

    The more I'm looking into these guys, I really like Bradberry and Sanchez. Would have been nice to have some type of addition on the offensive line depth wise but we can still find some good adds. The team is well rounded. Slightly light at safety and OL depth but we're in good position. Sanchez learning more skills from Boykin could be awesome. Bradberry may be on the outside sooner than people expect IMO. 2nd round pick for a reason.
  2. Yeah... my perspective is that it's a weird draft to process as a fan but you can't judge until they play. The first round seemed to set another precedent for BPA but then we got more loose in regards to needs and were going after our top graded at Positions we needed. I think an issue is being this good made teams more inflexible for us to trade up. There weren't any guys I was praying to be available when 2 or 3 came around but sure, I was like.."who?" Haha
  3. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Well my 2nd and 4th rounder in my mock are our UDFAs. I'm stupid, drafts are crazy, let's get a SB. Secondary reboot, not disappointed just a weird draft season.
  4. When I read Bradberry, I knew some wicked things were coming this way. (I hope someone gets the joke :/ )
  5. Plus that's where we landed Bene. I'm thinking we have some of our 3rd round values still on the board
  6. Best players left going in to day 3

    Killebrew or Houston-Carson look interesting but I can see us going offense. ...and damn, what the hell happened to this board today? Haha. Good thing I just have my iPad at a hotel while chilling in PB. Phone updates/data=off
  7. The reaction should be fun :)
  8. True...that's a valid point LG. Can't wait for this draft to get here.
  9. Interesting interview with Vernon Butler. In wonder if a team has given him assurance about not making it past their pick if available? Detroit possibly. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl-news/4703034-nfl-draft-diary-vernon-butler-louisiana-tech-lions-panthers-titans
  10. Draft Day Menu

    Unfortunately: Whatever looks best in the DIA West Terminal :/.
  11. Just curious: where's the Coleman falling talk been happening? From what I've gathered, his trajectory has seemed to be from the 3rd/4th wide out to the first off the board in Round 1. Quick note: The Texans, Redskins and Jets are just some of the teams apparently targeting him. The Vikes have a need at WR but it's been rumored Coleman is not getting past Houston. If he goes before, the Texans are apparently quite on the Butler train so I can really see Hunter Henry ending up the pick.
  12. Your final predictions (#30)

    Ahh so that's what the All-Pro Vernon Butler thread is about. Btw, which mod should I message that I'm unable to get all-pro? The payment section doesn't load when I try to sign up.
  13. And then Deion Jones lol...the trifecta!
  14. I think Doctson and Coleman are definitely off the board but would be ecstatic if Coleman somehow fell. I can imagine he'd be hard to pass up at 30.