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  1. The delicious tears of NFC South rivals...

    Week 12:   Panthers -- 33 Saints+Falcons+Bucs -- 28
  2. Jessica Jones

    Watched the first ep.  Pretty solid, I'll probs keep watching it until I don't. 
  3. I think the last time was against the Packers. 
  4. Fun fact: In the past 2 games, the Titans and Skins never made it to the redzone.  2 past-the-20-YL TDs but otherwise, the D is stifling right meow. 
  5. Thanks for the fireball haha
  6. The Back Ref

    Seriously though, his timing when he threw flags along with the incomplete call on an obvious TD were very suspect. 
  7. We're drinking everyone's f*cking milkshakes! 10-0!!
  8. The Back Ref

  9. We held them to 14 rushing yards.  Yeah, we're damn good. 
  10. The Back Ref

    Who was that guy and why is he so bad at his job?
  11. Kuechly jersey next to the black dude in the front
  12. Yeah I'll be at Shelbys in an hour and very hungover.  I think more alcohol should do the trick.