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  1. Play action <10 yard pass to Ian Thomas. I think we surprise fans game 1 with how many snaps he gets.
  2. davos

    Starting 5 OL

    A meat packer
  3. davos

    Starting 5 OL

    Maybe they're hyping Amini bc the potential healthy combo has Van Roten at RT? Moton-Van Roten-Kalil-Turner-Williams should be our set starting lineup moving forward, no changes. VR showed too much already that was miles bettet than Amini. Amini would not be on another team if it wasn't for us. Just like Bell ad Chandler. Don't forget the Bears and Seahawks ditched him in different ways. No one else wanted him. He's here for like the 3rd time.
  4. I do feel a bit different going into this season. If we can handle the Cowboys easily, I think my gut instinct about us being SB caliber and beyond this year hold truth. The Saints are the biggest hurdle but they are also randomly bad for big runs. I just don't see the Vikes sustaining, the East is awful (even the defending champs don't look that hot), the Rams are the only true threat in the West and the Packers and Lions are annually beatable. NFC-Div Round: Panthers-Rams Packers-Saints AFC-Div Round: Chargers-Patriots Texans-Chiefs NFCC: Panthers-Packers AFCC: Chargers-Texans SB: Panthers-Chargers
  5. I was going to post a thread as a FYI into SVTs, Ablations, Atrial Fibs, etc. but this seems to have done the trick. People: Electrophysiology if not quite cardiology. A lot of the time you can take pills instead of the ablation like metoprolol and you can live with the irregular heartbeat. The procedures can be voluntary unless it's something potentially more harmful like WPW. They found mine during resection recovery removing the big-c--I had an SVT episode where I sustained a 210 BMP heart rate for like 8 minutes. Luckily, I had an awesome electrophysiologist and they gave me a shot that dropped it from 210 to 65 in like 3 seconds; crazy out of body experience. When I finally scheduled my ablation and got that done some months later, it took a morning in the hospital and recovery the day of was mostly due to the amount of anesthesia I was given. Chest felt scratchy for a few days and I had to take it easy but I was back at the gym the next week (~3 months post resection, 1 week post ablation) Samuel's got dis'
  6. Ugh I would just cut the bait with Kalil at this point. He has no value on the market anymore and no value to the team. Just eat the lost cash and get anyone else vet min. He’s abysmal. Amini should have been cut. Period. Injured but not bad enough for IR and just downright bad. This past draft looks like a potential hit but we should’ve seriously looked for more depth outside of Sirles this offseason. We’re in an awful spot at the most critical part of an offense: the trenches.
  7. davos

    Draft thoughts

    I view Graham like a smaller Delon Wright who can actually play away games. I like his movement and feel on offense.
  8. Graham is actually a pretty slick pick in my view. He'll be a backend roster guy rather than G-League if the whole Borrego-speech holds any water. Bridges is going to be similar to a Draymond Green in my view. It's actually not that bad of a draft but we're just setting ourselves up for mediocrity yet AGAIN!
  9. Did he pack on any pounds? Because that bro is built like an Ameristar fence
  10. My insane idea: Facilitate a Kawhi trade to CLE, while acquiring both 8 and Love. Kemba goes to SA along with Batum. Cleveland dishes a future first to SA as well, get a top guy to help keep Lebron. CHA gets: Love, 8th CLE gets: Kawhi SA gets: 2019 unprotected 1st, Kemba, Batum -- Don't even know if it could work or if SA gets enough in this...is there something workable here or meh?...or yikes!?
  11. I don't think the question even needs to be asked haha
  12. davos

    Trump is making a difference

    Quick! Change the channel!
  13. Interesting thing is that 2 of the worst are from So Cal in Dana Rodenbacher and Issa. At least Issa is leaving but that OC seat needs to get flipped. Dana is the worst POS out there you can find.
  14. Can we get 80s cocaine culture wall street out of power already? This country has gon' to the dogs.