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  1. With a change in the air and a new regime likely to take over, has Riveria quit on this team? I haven't watched the passed 2 games or paid a whole lot of attention because I have been super busy at my pet store. but things seem to be crumbling from the top down. Opinions.
  2. What a weird thing for Rivera to say

    I think Rivera has mentally checked out on this team if you want my honest opinion
  3. Romo GM 2018

    I fuging hate Romo. If I have to suffer through another one of his broadcasts then I'm slitting my throat
  4. CMC vs Kamara

    still think we are actually getting a new GM? Hurney seems to be getting pretty comfy as the organization seems to be crumbling leadership wise
  5. SCP takes orders from no man
  6. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    fuging hate the meat head tool.
  7. Some takeaways from the game

    we look like the same trash team we have always been as I knew we would
  8. 90 yard flea flicker TD to Samuel
  9. if we can just get by long enough for our key players to get healthy for a good late season, and playoff run. Gotta get firing on all the right cylinders at the right time. Fingers crossed
  10. we telegraph every run we do. It's so obvious. Then the defense crash to that spot and we have no holes to run through. We have no creativity in the run game
  11. we have have that beautful play on thw goal pass to Mccafffery for a TD but suddenly midfield Shula panics and cant call a decent play. Cant believe Cam didnt audible to himself and run it
  12. also logo at mid field.
  13. i was over it like an hour later. Football isn't life. I dont let it control my emotions
  14. Wilks on Luke's condition

    I realize the brain is different than the knee but we all thought TD was done after 3 ACLs early in his career. We'll see. Technology advancements have to be made. It should be mandatory before next season
  15. romo was unbearable to listen to
  16. We were robbed of a TD

    that's retarded
  17. We were robbed of a TD

    Cam couldn't throw after that landing.
  18. Is Kuechly done?

    retire and be the linebackers coach
  19. I really don't understand why it isn't blatantly obvious to members of the organization that can do something about it
  20. Have a terrific season and lose in the playoffs, friend. You are a loser just like the rest of the fanbase that thinks it's cool to take the glory for something you had no control over while all your fatass did was sit there with grease and cheese dripping all over your green sweat pants.
  21. Nic Batum out for season?

    Nic Batum came into my store tonight and bought a fish aquarium and several glofish. He and his wife were speaking french and the girl that got their fish offended them I do believe
  22. 52 Pass Attempts

    losing 5 yards every run play isnt how you win either
  23. Romo Gives Luke High Praise

    I'm just going to say I hope I never have to sit through another game that Romo calls. He is absolute garbage. Bashed us all game long and praised Philly. Even when we seem to be playing better