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  1. Hornets have made Kemba Available for Trade

    this is such a garbage organization.
  2. If Hurney can manage to get us a good power running back, a a good wr, and a good TE in the draft I would be so happy. Fill in some holes on offense for Cam with youth to go along with Byrd, Samuel, and CMAC. Let them all grow together for many years. Could be cool if he could actually pull something like that off. I doubt he is capable though

    Damn dude You're hot
  4. i'mm certain this is the offseason we get Cam some weapons. Norv probably wouldn't have come here if we couldnt get him weapons
  5. Dale Jr Center Cuts a Tree

    I used to sell Dale Jr Yeti coolers on the regular. Pretty nice guy. His daddy would be dissapointed in him though
  6. Dont give an eff. They play in the easiest division in football while we play in the toughest. They have always had top picks for over a decade so in my opinion they are behind where they should be after so many miserable years. But good for them. I hope they embarrass the Cheatriots
  7. X clown was greatest thing I have personally experiences as a sports fan. However the Mineanapolis Miracle was probably more miraculous because time was up and they were losing. There was literally no hope and it was the last play. Score and TD or be eliminated. It was a prayer pass that a Saints player wiffed on badly. That was a legit miracle to get to the NFCCG
  8. The Snow Shade LOL

    Brentin Bersin is actually on the field getting some offseason sprints in. You just cant see him
  9. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    Damn never knew Ron Rivera could give me an erection
  10. Are we in a Window situation?

    windows aren't a thing. Just something for sports jockeys to talk about
  11. Karma is real

    I'm more pissed that he still is having his players cheap shot guys on the other team and the league continues to let him get away with it. After bounty gate they should have been much more careful with him
  12. Who the fug is this

    Honestly who cares
  13. I'm sure Marry Hurney is frantically making phone calls to guys looking to take his job
  14. https://saintsreport.com/forums/showthread.php?t=380429
  15. This so funny

    Huddle would beat Saints Reports asses in a game of kick ball.
  16. Look familiar?

    thats what came to my mind too.
  17. Karma is a B*tch When Your Name is Cam Jordan

    that walk of shame of shame back onto the field was glorious. #karma
  18. play makers, speed, and a good scheme can make an average Joe look amazing
  19. AINTS!!!!

    Falcons level choke job. Then having to take the walk of shame back onto the field to the extra point was the best thing I have ever seen. laughing so hard
  20. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    like I said, whats the point
  21. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    HAHAHAHAHA the saints walk of shame. This is the best thing I have ever seen
  22. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    saints are sore losers. wont even line up for the last play. real class by their leader mr payton
  23. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    whats the poin in making them snap it here