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  1. Daddy_Uncle

    Hiding Profile Pics

    The solution is do your job, and get on the huddle when you get home.
  2. Daddy_Uncle


    Shut up
  3. Daddy_Uncle

    Kelvin takes another shot at Cam?

    lol we'll see who has the better regular season
  4. DJ is going to be a superstar
  5. Didn't wear a tie on the bus
  6. lol at fans not realizing we do this every preseason because its preseason and who cares
  7. I think it's time we get serious about finding a #2 QB
  8. Daddy_Uncle

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Brady will make Bersin a pro bowler. I'd put money on it
  9. Daddy_Uncle

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Kinda like Adam Morrison getting a ring
  10. Greatest court in NBA history
  11. I'm sure he's not trying to throw his arm out in camp
  12. Daddy_Uncle

    Starting to have a Tepper Man Crush...

    Got good mouth
  13. Daddy_Uncle

    Surprise veteran cut?

    Bersin :(
  14. Daddy_Uncle

    A few early observations...

    Happy to see Andre Smith getting a good opportunity. Dude was so good in college before getting hurt. Easily a top 3 round guy. He was explosive and hit the crap out of people and plays with a really good attitude and swag that our defense needs. Hope he continues to make the most of the opportunity
  15. Daddy_Uncle

    Secondary logo??

    Tepper should put that logo at midfield
  16. Daddy_Uncle

    We need a little

    Her heads bigger than her torso. But if that's what you'rd into
  17. I want a big boi cat at midfield and nobody ass him about it
  18. Daddy_Uncle

    Top 6 WRs

    Have to leave a spot for my boy Bersin
  19. Daddy_Uncle

    Jackie Miles leaving the Panthers

    He had already retired and was replaced by his long time assistant. Saw that weeks ago when the rookies were getting fitted for helmets
  20. Daddy_Uncle

    How would you rank D-lines?

    One man's preseason rankings mean nothing