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  1. Dallas, at home, week 1

    National game. Hope we come out firing
  2. Delete me oops

    Toasty pooptart
  3. And what exactly was Norman doing 2 seasons into his career? Living in Riveras dog house becuse he sucked ass
  4. Let's talk about BUSTS

    My nuts
  5. D-Worley

    I can understand Ron Rivera wanting nothing to do with him
  6. Say something nice about your least favorite Panther

    I can't think of anything nice to say about my least favorite huddler
  7. I'm expecting a small school head scratcher that nobody has heard of
  8. People getting their panties in a wad over an average wr with a grandma knee. Give me a break
  9. They are all the same
  10. I see Cam getting a 4 year deal when his current deal is up. I also see us drafting a young QB similar to Cam to ride the bench behind him for a few seasons until it's his turn
  11. Probably some rich guy will bye it
  12. You sure seem to have a lot of time talking crap to every poster on here for what they post. Seems like you are the one that needs friends. Always picking on Saca and everyone else. You don't always have to be an ass. Just saying
  13. inside info

    how many people on here have sources within the organization? Sounds like the front office needs to call a meeting and quit letting these low end people leak everything
  14. Can't stay healthy. Not worth the trouble. Doubt Olsen would be all too pleased with that meathead taking his reps
  15. Maybe he decided to buy a ring for his friend on his face. What an absolute douche
  16. Chosen already flingin' the rock

    He's already more famous and has more money than you though.
  17. Chosen already flingin' the rock

    No with that long ass head it must be Mike Glennons
  18. Mel Kiper Jr mock draft

    Mel Kiper is a booger butt
  19. Who would you draft in this scenario?

    Ridley or the best offensive lineman or safety available
  20. The Norv Factor

    If we are taking him with our first pick hopefully we trade back in the first or top of the second and pick up an extra pick because he will be available beyond #24