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  1. he's already wasted, I watched for a few minutes.
  2. and they will. I can confirm.
  3. yup I love the youth movement. even Urias out there pitching solid today. good to see a fellow Dodger fan on here!
  4. oooooooooh hahaha that went waaaay over my head. yes, happy birthday to the kid. 2nd longest homer of the year last night.
  5. oh no fugging way not sure what this means
  6. hey man, my inbox is open for a bet. already have one on the table for 1K with panthersking.
  7. not trading up lol. you're in for a disappointing night.
  8. shocking tbh. I had several insiders saying they wanted to lock up Trubisky first and then take BPA at 12. I also thought this would happen just by doing some research and listening to my gut. unfortunately, this pretty much means Fournette will not fall to #8 now.
  9. unfortunately, with Garrett now confirmed at #1 - I don't see Fournette slipping like I did a few hours ago. I've began to see scenarios where Adams could slip though, which as my #2 prospect - would be awesome.
  10. if we get LF I will send nudes.