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  1. this ones for the kids that make mock drafts in January:
  2. you have been spewing some of the most ridiculous BS on this forum the past few days. I never even knew who you were before yesterday. trying to gain some attention?
  3. cool dude. there are people who want children and like the same movies as you, and there are also people who don't like children and may not like the same movies as you. this is called having an opinion, and everyone is different. you will figure this out one day if you ever grow up.
  4. if a female ever let's you make a baby with her, and you end up with a daughter - talk to me then tough guy. I'm harmlessly sharing my opinion on movies in the lounge. keep your high school level smack talk in your irrelevant threads on the main forum.
  5. Idk about that. we're a running team, and with Cam's health, Shula calling the plays, and a fresh young back to take on the beating Stewart and Cam usually endure - I could see him getting almost 45% of the carries and eventually emerging as the #1 by the end of the Stewart.
  6. you're basically drafting a back up that will be groomed into a full time starter within a few years. gotta go with Fournette strictly based off of Stewart's injury history and Shula's inability to utilize TE2 correctly.
  7. that I have a 3 year old and I love M. Night?
  8. gonna throw out a few names that won't get mentioned on here probably, I have a weird taste in movies: Frozen Lady in the water 7 pounds Dallas buyers club Joe Dirt
  9. I'm going to only list guys I think we might draft that I would be upset with at #8: Ross Allen Barnett M. Williams Foster
  10. I wish a motherfugger would
  11. people can hate on this kid all they want, but if he gets in with the right coaches and teammates - he'll be the next Antonio Gates.