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  1. I would start doubting my coach as well putting his QBs ego and legacy over the team. There was NO way Lynch doesn't punch that one in from 1 yard. Carroll also knew this and got cute thinking it was an automatic win, so he tried to inflate his QB's legacy by letting him get the game winning TD in the superbowl. Couldn't have happened to a better organization.
  2. Castavar

    Thomas Rawls Visiting Carolina

    He's a beast when healthy. That's a big if though. Such a violent runner. Wouldn't mind getting him for cheap though.
  3. Just wait until Bradberry gets beat in camp or in preseason (and it will happen). The Huddle is going to have a field day. "I told you he would be a bust". "This is why he was a projected 4th rounder". etc. The Huddle rounding into season form.
  4. Castavar

    Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Jeremy must have been wearing those heel lifts today lol
  5. Castavar

    About those corners...

    Please, enlighten us on this "loss of depth" that Gettleman cost us.
  6. Castavar

    About those corners...

    Gettleman said it best. Too many times teams draft guys off of talent alone, instead of actually drafting players to fit their system, which is why you see so many top picks flame out at certain teams because they aren't playing in the right scheme or being asked to do something they aren't comfortable with. We are one of the few lucky teams to ACTUALLY have a system in place and Gettleman/Rivera knows exactly which type of players they want to mold. They want big, SMART, and willing to learn guys to play here.
  7. Castavar

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Did I literally just read that Pittsburg (with a hurt Big Ben, no AB, and 3rd string RB) and NE (decimated O-line, no running game, same team that got smashed by the Dolphins to lose home field) were a tougher playoff schedule than the Seahakws and Cards (whom a lot of people pegged as superbowl favorites?). Holy hell, I understand being a fanatic and how we can go overboard rooting for our teams, but that sh*t is borderline retarded. And then they say that Cam (who is the damn MVP of the league) isn't smart enough to beat their defense? Is this real life?
  8. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    This about to be a repeat from their first matchup. Packers don't matchup well at all with the Cards.
  9. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Nice throw from Palmer. Cards literally have no weaknesses, They are strong everywhere
  10. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Brady isn't lucky.......Wilson on the other hand is the luckiest motherfugger to hold a football
  11. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    That pretty much sums up this game
  12. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Packers take notes, that's how you field an onside kick
  13. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    this is seriously unbelievable They're seriously fuggin huddlin up in their 2 minute offense.
  14. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    LMFAO Umm, do the Chiefs know they have to score in a hurry? Holy sh*t this is some bad clock management
  15. Castavar

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Regular penalties don't apply to the Pats it seems