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  1. Castavar

    Vent is over much more calm

    Mixon isn't playing this weekend. If we can't take advantage of that AT HOME, then I will definitely by really worried about this team.
  2. Hell no. I still don't remember ANYBODY liking this pick when it happened lol Stupid pick then, stupid pick now. The constant ignoring our weaknesses that has been apparent for a long time now (secondary and o-line) has caught up to us. Luxury picks are only worth it if you think that player has potential to be top 5 player at his position. I just didn't see it with Butler or Shaq.
  3. Agreed. There really hasn't been a "WTF was that?" moment yet. Turnovers are down, delay of games are down, sacks are down (with a patchwork o-line), and Cam's completion % is WAY up. . That is Ron's perfect offense he wanted. Now, if Ron would just hold up his end of the bargain.....
  4. Castavar

    Hold on Ryan TD - Refs - Tepper

    Not to mention the BS PI call on Jackson when we could have gotten the ball back up 7 with the chance to kill any hype the Falcons had left before the half. But of course the Panthers got shafted at the wrong time. It all went downhill after that penalty.
  5. Not only that, he BULLDOZED through 3 of our defenders on his 2nd one. I've never seen a "elite" defense have that happen to them. Ron and the defense should be flat out embarrassed. If any QB has the confidence to not slide against you, it means your defense is soft.
  6. Castavar

    Bucs are 2-0

    Really impressive tbh But, the Bucs will fug it up once they start Jameis when he comes back so it's all good. Funny how Falcons struggle mightily against Eagles defense, only for the Bucs to turn around and drop 27 on them, yet we let that same Falcons offense drop 31 on us today. Not a good look
  7. Castavar

    We're good.

    Lol I swear I see these types of threads every year, only for this team to disappoint. The Falcons were without 2 pro bowlers on defense, Devonta Freeman, and their safety was ejected early. If we can't beat the Falcons when they're depleted, what makes people think we can beat them when fully healthy? It will be the same result when we play the Saints too. Teams have figured Ron out (ESPECIALLY the Saints and Falcons).
  8. Shocking? Are you really new to to this team? Our defense always struggles against any good offense. It's not surprising to me one bit. This soft zone BS doesn't cut it against good teams. The only surprising part was that it wasn't Julio who did us in today.
  9. 100%. We spend too much of our assets on defense for it to continually suck against good offenses.
  10. I blame everything today on the defense. 24 points should be enough to win in a division game. If Ron isn't going to field an elite defense, then he's pretty much worthless.
  11. It's been that way for 6 years now lol
  12. Castavar

    Positives from the game....

    Defense sucked, WR's dropped too many balls, we lost yet again in ATL, Ron is still conservative, etc. I really don't see any positives. Cam did what he does and carried this franchise on his shoulders only for his supporting cast and coaches to screw him over again.
  13. Anybody think our defense is actually going to stop them? I wouldn't hold my breathe
  14. We're always two fuggin steps behind. You should have had CJA in at the beginning of the game, not now when he's cold and CMC been playing all game. This coaching staff is so fuggin bad it's laughable