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  1. Truer words have never been spoken. This lady is doing us a solid. She the real MVP.
  2. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Until we get rid of the status quo, don't count on it.
  3. A big thing that stands out to me is when he talks about "depending on who we're playing". Shula NEVER gameplanned around the team we were playing. It was either his way or fail (and usually it ended in fail). He never attacked weaknesses or used mismatches to break a defense down. Thank fuggin God Shula is finally gone.
  4. Rooting against the Pats is null. Win or lose, Tom Brady is still the GOAT and they would still have 5 rings. Hope they smash the Eagles. Last thing those trash ass fans need is a superbowl victory to forever not STFU.
  5. When Brady says it: "So? I don't see the big deal" If Cam said it: "Cam continues to show just how immature he is. This is why he is not a leader". I wonder what the difference is? Hmm.............
  6. Bet you anything Pats don't lose to the same team 3 times in one year.
  7. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Good thing Jags didn't give up on Blake Bortles so early. He reminds me of Flacco this playoffs.
  8. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    I am fuggin loving how the Jags play football.
  9. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Still salty Fournette didn't make it to us
  10. Daeshon Hall

    Hopefully how he played in the playoffs is how he plays all year next year. I think he is going to have a HUGE year with Norv.
  11. I know right. That's like drafting WRs that can't run rou............................damn.
  12. Best Twitter Reactions

    Please guys, keep em coming. I'm fuggin dying over here lmfao
  13. If you watch the final play...

    It was similar to the Cam fumble in the superbowl. Cam was stuck in a decision where he didn't know if the ball was going to get knocked back or not and just stopped in time. Williams was stuck in a decision where he get there too early and didn't know whether to just tackle him for DPI or try to bat it down.
  14. If you watch the final play...

    Great eye Scot. Also, not only was it great awareness by Diggs, but also great balance. He had to be anticipating a hit there. Most WRs wince up and fall to the ground. Diggs maintained balance and put his hand on the ground to take it to the house. Our WRs would have stumbled over their own feet. Hell our WRs wouldn't have even caught it lol Great play by Diggs.