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  1. Or that with all these weapons and a new OC, we’d SCORE 20 . ( not win by 20 ) The defense did a good job.. and we got the WIN.. but for those of you who watched this game and are thinking that , that game plan wins 10 plus games . I disagree. With all this new speed, where were The downfield throws ..
  2. Some people play Drs on Message boards
  3. No, they let him stand back there on kickoffs and watch the ball sail over his head
  4. Where was all that “ blazing speed “ we heard about in the draft and preseason ?? Where was all the separation we expected? Ron being conservative at the end is expected. But there was 3 1/2 Quarters before that where we saw last seasons offense. Dallas’s Defensive back are not notorious.
  5. OceanPanther

    Game Day Menu

  6. NFL WARS Week 1 . " Mount up men,, ride to the sound of the cannon fire.. There's a battle to be fought "
  7. OceanPanther

    What Cowboys fans are saying

    We Will Ruin Their Season,, DAY 1
  8. OceanPanther

    "Two States, One Team"

    I disagree.. but that’s ok. The silent majority is a lot larger than the 100’s here that are vocal on a message board. 100 of thousands, watch to see this team every week across both states .
  9. OceanPanther

    "Two States, One Team"

    Not only is it gorgeous,, the food and fashionable adult beverages are to die for. Had a Low Country Boil last Sat .. emmm oyster season is around the corner. Fall on the coast .
  10. OceanPanther

    "Two States, One Team"

    I’d sure rather my neighbors in Chaw’ston AND the good money of the SC Low Country Be Panther fans than ignoring them ( and be falcon fans ) .. I admit to not knowing much about the people in the western parts of SC or NC , but the coastal Panther fans of both states are awesome.. oh and keep on being tourist and spending your $$$$ on our coast ,, Red Neck Riviara , or Head on down to the Low Counties beautiful islands and beaches ,, Isle of Palm, Hilton Head , Kiawah ,, or Head North to Cape Fear, Emerald Isle, and OBX ,, why wouldn’t you want all the fans from these areas ,, and THE WHOLE STATE OF S C ??
  11. If we don’t have to take at least 2 timeouts just to get a play called ( especially in the red zone ) .... We’ll kill’em
  12. OceanPanther

    health concerns with Curtis Samuel

  13. Panthers 31 cowgirls 13
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    NFL Cuts and Trades

    2018: DUMPSTER DIVING SEASON IS NOW OPEN Sometimes you get lucky
  15. OceanPanther

    Elijah Hood: So Close....

    Just courious ,, since he was hurt in preseason,, he’ll still get paid , and medical to rehab ( not against the cap ) .. correct ?