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  1. Jaxel

    tre boston

    Pretty sure Vacaro signed as well...
  2. Jaxel

    Guice is done!

    This sucks for Guice. Really what a bummer for him. I hope he recovers quickly. With that being said, there will like be better running backs cut than CAP.
  3. Jaxel

    Pulisic is awesome

    Great story but... come on parents, don't let your kids run onto the field... that is not very responsible.
  4. He is going to Dallas or no where at all.
  5. I believe they are only allowed to post a limited amount of content per nfl rules.
  6. He's the same as as Calvin Ridley too... Big time potential still. I could honestly see him getting the big contract from us. Good team guy, hard worker, good attitude... I think he's a baller.
  7. Jackson/cockrell, bradberry outside. Capt, elder, jackson nickel. A lot of people harping on Jackson size, but the first cb taken, 4th overall, is 5'11 183... not much difference.
  8. I think 3, Jackson, Golden and Moore will start.
  9. Did he draft Josh Norman? I'd say that was a CB hit.
  10. Justin Reid, Isaiah Oliver, Ronnie Harrison, Carlton Davis... one of those guys must fall.
  11. Please fall Isaiah Oliver.
  12. I love Rosen and think he's by far the top guy and who I would pick number 1. Give me his swagger any day.
  13. 1. No 2. Mike Hughes 3. 50% I think teams will try to trade past the Patriots for Lamar Jackson. So we won't find a trade partner.
  14. Yeah but where does Hurney 2.0 rank?