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  1. Certainly should have won us our first. Cam ran all season up until the super bowl. Lack of offensive adjustments lost us that game. But the original comment I responded to claimed we won’t beat the Saints with the wideouts we have. I don’t think our wideouts will determine the difference between a win or a loss. Our ability to stop the run and run the ball ourselves will.
  2. Yeah because our wideouts have been our difference makers in winning games the past few years right? Do you know what PANTHER football is? Smashmouth my guy.
  3. Byrd to IR, and other Tuesday news

    At this point we need to stop messing around and bring Philly back in. He’s got speed and made some big plays for us in 2015. I trust Funch, Philly, Bersin, and Olsen as a unit more than what we have out there. I truly DO NOT trust Clay
  4. NFC South Battle Dome

    If I’m not mistaken.... we just need to beat TB at home to clinch a spot. If we do so.... hope the falcons beat the Saints... then we beat them in the dome.... NFCS champs. Home game vs saints.... LETS DO THIS!
  5. I don’t have a prediction for a score or stats. But I will tell you, the Saints are about to get punched in the mouth.
  6. Beane should do us a solid and shred Boldin’s contract so we can grab him
  7. Greg, we love you. But please, don't piss on us and tell us it's raining.
  8. Romo GM 2018

    Romo for OC baby!!
  9. We're gonna punch them in the mouth.
  10. Section 30 row 15! My good friend who's an eagles fan with me! Let's beat these birds up and down!!
  11. Us punching them in the mouth is whats happening today!!
  12. Seriously..?

    You seem to always be a pessimistic one.... so this thread was for you. And your input isn't dully noted.
  13. Seriously..?

    Maybe I'm in the wrong here... maybe I shouldn't have expected more from you pessimistic huddlers. I'm going to need you all to get your heads out of your asses. We have a (hands down) top 5 front 7 in this league. We have the 2015 NFL MVP who is destined to break out at anytime... if Shula can get Cam in a rhythm early and allow him to use his legs we will run circles around this New England defense. We will push their Dline and Backers around all day long. If Wilks is aggressive we will charge Brady early and often... get him uncomfortable. KK is going to be in his face like a mad man. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves because we lost a division game.. those are always tough. We are 2-1, so are the Pats. Just know this... we will walk out of foxborough victorious tomorrow. Truly yours, a huddler who hasn't given up after one loss...