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  1. Troys99x3

    I smell a trade happening...

    I've been on record to say I wouldn't touch him with a first. But to say you wouldn't take him with a back end second? You sound crazy bro. He is good. Just not round 1 good.
  2. Troys99x3

    CJ Anderson Released

    Huge upgrade over CAP. We won't though. Lol
  3. What people see in Hurst that gives off round 1 talent is beyond me. You all want him over Godhert...? Crazy. I'll be pissed if we take Hurst round 1. He is not a first round talent.
  4. Troys99x3

    Who are your top targets at 24

    Realistic wish list: 1) CB: Josh Jackson / Isaiah Oliver 2) OL: Hernandez / Wynn 3) DE: Harold Landry 4) S: Justin Reid 5) Pass catchers: Dallas Godhert, Christian Kirk Any of the above and I'll be happy.
  5. I would give up the two 1st rounders for beckham... Whether you like him or not he's a superstar talent. If we plan on going back to the playoffs that'll be another mid 20 pick next year.. give it up. Let's be great while we still have a chance.
  6. Troys99x3

    Dez Bryant

    He's gonna go to Philly or DC lol
  7. Unless we trade up about 10 picks, there's not a chance we land him. 23 teams won't pass.
  8. As am I, unfortunately I think he will be the first corner taken.
  9. He's not worth the money some team will decide to pay him, we have a possession receiver. His name is Devin Funchess.
  10. Why? Jordan Matthews is a far better option for the slot...
  11. If we can sign Jordan Matthews to play the slot I'd say offensively better, defensively we need some work on the dline.
  12. I'll take Pryor over Richardson any day
  13. Troys99x3

    Josh Norman Status

    I'm thinking this is a load of crap lol
  14. As optimistic as I like to be... Don't kid yourself. Jeffrey made grown man catches all season long, especially in the Superbowl. Funchess gave a half assed effort to catch a pass that could have sent us to the divisional round. Jeffrey is by far the better receiver.