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  1. That was pretty shitty
  2. Asurfaholic

    Bucs are 2-0

    2 games in and this is already on Norv? What about the retarded 1 hand catch attempts that should have been first downs?
  3. Asurfaholic

    This Loss is on Ron

    How many OL men did Ron injure? Seemed to be the biggest issue. Cam getting sacked constantly is going to be a huge drag.
  4. Asurfaholic

    Watching The Game In Eastern NC

    My fox sports livestream was fail but have a good steam on reddit thanks!!
  5. Asurfaholic

    Watching The Game In Eastern NC

    What do you mean a cable login?
  6. Asurfaholic

    Watching The Game In Eastern NC

    Same problem here. The low def channel is froze on hurricane warning screen the high def is broke. First world problems I suppose just sucks that is the only channel not working for me
  7. Asurfaholic

    CMC Segment

    Saw a part about him and his dad doing a camp for kids with Down’s syndrome. Stuff like that always gets me
  8. Asurfaholic

    Thanks to David Tepper and Roger Goodell

    Wait - were you defending the constitution way over in Afghanistan and Iraq too? How did that go? Seems like they still want to take my guns and stomp on actual individual rights. Bake my damn cake! (Friendly banter - don’t take me too seriously I’m sitting here in the dark surrounded by floodwaters.)
  9. Asurfaholic

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    Shoot I was thinking 5
  10. Panthers saved some offensive mastery for division rival match, and we break off a lead and the defense does the rest. Panthers 20 -16
  11. I thought he was saying like a one legged animal. Which is even worse. Why would someone make fun of that. It lost 3 legs not just one. What a bummer, how does he pee?
  12. Asurfaholic

    OT: "Darnold's Debut was Amazing!" - ESPN

    Huh? That’s like 89%
  13. Was such a boring game I fell asleep as the first quarter winded down. Have to admit with the way ATL was driving the ball the whole first quarter, I was sure i would wake up to the news that atl wins, but instead this! Very nice to wake up to indeed
  14. Asurfaholic

    Have a handy $5000 lying around?

    Or orgasms