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  1. I met a stripper on Friday ...

    Well, I'm glad everyone had a good laugh at my expense. I'm happy to bring joy to your lives.    I stopped texting her like a week ago. I'm almost positive there's no future at all with this one ... it could have been my bedroom performance, my size, or other factors I'm not aware of.   Just gotta put this one behind me and take whatever positives I can from this experience ... I boned a really hot stripper ... I'm content with that.  
  2. I met a stripper on Friday ...

      Hustler's Club in San Francisco 
  3. I met a stripper on Friday ...

      hahaha, I'm glad I decided not to eat her out.    Her pussy was absolutely gorgeous though ... completely clean shaven with nice pink flaps. it was definitely tempting, especially given the fact I wasn't able to please her via intercourse. 
  4. I met a stripper on Friday ...

      Yes, I'm the same guy PHILLYB ... in fact I just did another one. Let me know what you think.   
  5. I met a stripper on Friday ...

    loll, wow. Didn't know I was going to get so much feedback.    I guess you can say I'm a very honest person and yes, this story is real. Either way, I had a good time even if it was a 30 second nut and like someone else said ... I banged a stripper without paying ... which many people can't say. Scratch that one off my bucket list :-)    She texted me this pic after I met her that night.                                                ..... she told me to text her a pic of myself ....                                            so I found this one fitting ..... loll           
  6. I met a stripper on Friday ...

    at a strip club as crazy as that sounds :-)    Anyways, she was showing me a little too much attention ... to the point where she basically gave me a 25 min lap dance (yes, 25 min!!) for free. She was also sucking on my neck and doing all these crazy freaky things and kept saying "I want to take you home".  She took my number down and texted me at 4am later that night telling me to text her back when I woke up.    I texted her back on Saturday asking her if I could come over and she said she was working all day but Sunday for sure.    So I texted her back on Sunday and she said she was busy helping her friend move but I could come over at 6pm. She texted me her address and told me to bring some weed.    Before heading to her spot, I told myself ... "If she tries to charge me for sex, I'll just smoke a blunt with her and call it a night."    Anyways, I go over there and the first thing she does is invites me to her room. We both sit on her bed and smoke out of her big ass bong. For about 10 min, we start talking about random stuff (rent, interest rates, sports, weed). She's a pretty sophisticated girl I might add. Things started to get a little awkward so she mentioned that we should grab some alcohol from the local store. I tried to pay, but she wasn't having it. We come back, knock back a single beer each ... she gets up to dim the lights and lays right next to me. I start kissing her on her forehead (lol, I'm pretty inexperienced so I didn't know how to initiate it). She then reaches for my mouth and we started making out. That's when I knew I was in.    Anyways, to make a long story short ... I haven't had sex in about 2 years and I hadn't rubbed one off in about 3 days prior to that night. She ends up getting butt naked, gives me Georgia dome, sucks on my balls (I had to tell her to stop 3 different times b/c I was on the verge of ...) I put a condom on and she starts riding me .... lets just say I lasted about 30 seconds ... I was too ashamed to admit to her right away that I had already came, but she figured it out about 30 seconds after that. The first thing she says is "really?" ... I apologized, and she said lets just cuddle. I cuddled for like 10 min, told her I had to go, and left.    Since sex is such an intimate thing for me and I haven't done it in a while ... I kind of fell in love with this girl. I tried calling/texting her and she hasn't responded back. What do I do now? I really like this girl and can't get over her ...     
  7. Stopping Newton - The Word is Out

      I never understood the idiom "apples and oranges"    Both are fruits, both are round, both are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, both can be sour or sweet, and both have seeds. So in essence, wouldn't comparing "apples and oranges" mean that you're comparing two similar subjects deeming the comparison "valid"   The phrase instead should be comparing "apples and a chevy pickup" or "apples and a toothbrush"  or something along those lines.    #justsayin
  8. Yeahh .... I must say I'm liking ur avatar(s)