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  1. Victory Pie

    fug those refs today!!
  2. fuging Aikman trying to see that wasn't a fumble. GTFOH jackass.
  3. What a fuging awful bullshit ass call!!!!!
  4. Refs apparently won't call holding on offense or defense.
  5. CMC should have made that a TD. Bust.
  6. Jeezus H Christ. I think we need to hear more about Aaron Rodgers.
  7. Well whoever called it about the networks slobbing all over Rodgers coming back and that being all they talked about, hit that nail on the head.
  8. Annnnnnd now I will be inserting Cobb into my FF lineup.
  9. Pound the ball and pound Rodgers. Game.Set.Match.
  10. And yet bc it brings the NFL a ton of money still they are more than likely not getting rid of it anytime soon.
  11. Basically for that to happen, we have to lose to GB this week while both ATL and NO lose. Then Carolina has to win out the last two games with NO losing in week 15 and 16, as well as ATL losing in week 15 along with the week 16 loss to Carolina. Then GB and Seattle have to win out for those last three weeks.