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  1. 100% could not agree more. If we cannot win over a less-talented team like Chicago, with a rookie QB, then we have no business in the playoffs.
  2. 28-3 Megathread

    I think if the Falcons drop this game then it could fully de-rail the rest of their season, just like our Denver game from last year. What a shame that would be
  3. Was there ever any news on what exactly he did to his knee? Did he just tweak it or what?
  4. What Chicago Bears fans are saying...

    I'm more saddened at the fact that no one referred to them as , "Da Bears.".
  5. Mindhunter on Netflix

    This is next on my watch list after I finish the latest season of House of Cards.
  6. Squad

    A. Congrats man bc that's fugging awesome. B. What color crayon is Shula's signature in?
  7. Video games are dead *rant*

    I'm glad they did. I tried the beta and really liked it but the progression system was f'ed from the get go.
  8. Video games are dead *rant*

    Oh I am totally in agreement there. I'm just hoping the blow-back from critics and fans over this might give future publishers pause from doing the same thing again. Assassins Creed Origins has loot boxes in it, but they are all only bought with in-game currency only.
  9. Video games are dead *rant*

    I decided to weigh in on this. I loved the first Shadow of Mordor game. I was extremely hyped for the second until I heard about the loot boxes. Everything I read was scaring me away from the game and I had almost reserved myself to waiting until the game went on sale for like $20 to buy it. Then I read a few reviews and pretty much the consensus was this: Shadow of War is a great game. It can be a little grindy towards the end but besides that it's everything and more that the first one was. As far as the loot boxes go just don't pay attention to them. So I decided to pony up and buy the game, and basically everything the reviews said is true. The game is great and loads of fun. I've won some of the loot crates by completing the online vendettas, but besides that I have not even paid attention to that aspect of the game, and nor do I plan on buying any aside from using the in-game currency that is earned.
  10. Destiny 2

    Iron Banner really is just a more hardcore version of the Crucible TBH. It's fun, but it's still just generic PVP. Which, is not really a bad thing in my opinion.
  11. I'll give you a beer just for the UGA part of the post.
  12. Sunday Games Thread

    Matty Melt!!!
  13. Sunday Games Thread

    Dolphins smell blood in the water.
  14. Sunday Games Thread

    Well poo, there goes Cobb's production on my fantasy team. On a positive note, the Packers game just got that much easier.