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  1. cookinbrak

    Cowboys make trade for OL help

    If you have a turd burger, and it's not good, you don't keep eating it to see if it gets better.
  2. He would thrive in a system like the Rams.
  3. cookinbrak

    Cowboys make trade for OL help

    I think Turner helps whoever is over there. I also think it will be D Williams. But letting these guys get a little taste in preseason only helps us. Moton/Van Roten on the left is good.
  4. cookinbrak

    2018 Huddle FFL league getting late start

    I'm down. If there's a space.
  5. cookinbrak

    Cowboys make trade for OL help

    We did well with Moton at LT and Clausell at RT. Move Clausell to LT, he becomes a hugging machine.
  6. Rodgers has won just as many Super Bowls as Phil Simms. Eli Manning has won more.
  7. cookinbrak

    Post your Fantasy Football Team

    They ragged me for drafting Dez......until I pointed out that NE has no receivers now.
  8. cookinbrak

    So How's Jonathan Stewart Doing in New York?

    And look at Barkley!! Tearing it up in his rookie season!! Dumbass.
  9. cookinbrak

    Post your Fantasy Football Team

    Last in a 12 team league Cam Newton Phillip Rivers Christian McCaffrey Duke Johnson CJ Anderson James White Deandre Hopkins Adam Theilen TY Hilton Danny Amendola Desean Jackson Dez Bryant Curtis Samuel Kyle Rudolph Will Lutz Texans Browns
  10. cookinbrak

    Curtis should be No. 2 WR

    If that had been a post instead of a crossing route, easiest TD ever.
  11. cookinbrak

    Re-watching the game

    If Williams can come back semi-healthy, we good. Let Kalil be the highest paid backup this year, then restructure or wave bye.
  12. That wasn't the question. You asked " But how do you determine a guy simply falling down as he makes a tackle vs a guy "driving his opponent into the ground"?  If you look at the video, you can see that he turned his shoulder into the tackle, therefore "driving his opponent into the ground". Not that hard to see.
  13. cookinbrak

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    No, he wasn't. He just didn't want to be in football. There were a few teams after him. Ron convinced him to come back.
  14. cookinbrak

    Shout out to Shaq and Poe.

    I love Star, but Poe does the same thing as he did with more more ....ferocity? Gusto? I know there will be folk here bitching about "He ain't got no sacks", but that ain't what an interior guy is supposed to do. When he and KK shove 3 guys back, it creates holes for people like Shaq-daddy to come through. You think it's good now? Peppers is still in street clothes. It's gonna get violent in a couple of weeks.
  15. Because if you watch the play, you can see the tackler drive his shoulder into the QB on the way down. Basically the same as the "defenseless receiver" rule.
  16. cookinbrak

    I love our be LT..

    Let Ron override and second guess the defense, Norv got this handled.
  17. Nice to see Brady not be a whining dick after a game.
  18. Clevelands starting defense shut Philly's starting offense down. If we did the same thing to NE tonight, everybody would be grabbing the Jergens.
  19. cookinbrak

    Learning Piano

    Yep. I had to "unlearn" guitar and learn to play. As my brother said "You can play the beginning of a million songs. Some people want to hear the whole song".
  20. cookinbrak

    Funchess USA Today Vid

    I don't get all the hate. All Funchess does is his job.
  21. cookinbrak

    Learning Piano

    You have no musical background and want to teach yourself to play piano?
  22. Always the Chargers.
  23. Plus, we just watched Tom Brady slide....
  24. Nothing. He makes less than Ben Jacobs, $705,000. But we are right at 6 mil under, we could rearrange some furniture.
  25. Was there confusion on the play call? It looks like the line was blocking for a screen pass. And both tackles turned around and looked at Cam like "What do?"