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  1. "Bring me all the bacon and eggs you have."
  2. Locking threads in the Tinderbox

    Because anyone with an IQ above 23 would check the veracity of the story instead of posting blindly. As for the original thread, (since it got shut down) did it not seem fishy that England had this story, but it was nowhere to be found here? And the original listed no names or cities? But, those Tinderbox sheep be jumpin'......
  3. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    So who's lying, him or the mayor?
  4. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2 So, the information the city council used was supplied by him, yet he had nothing to do with it? I looked on Huffington Post, but couldn't find anything....
  5. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    Wonder if Bruce likes little boys, too. Maybe it keeps him young?
  6. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    I used tineye to find the story. She should be allowed to use the womens room. The guy Iminicus describes should use the mens room. These are people that are legitimately transitioning or have transitioned to the sex they feel like they are supposed to be. The problem people had with the original Charlotte law was that it said that if a guy that isn't transgendered or in the process, or even identifies with being the opposite sex legitimately, decides he want to hang out in the ladies room, nobody can stop them. And there are people who tried using that as a defense.
  7. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    1 No Adams Apple 2 How do you know which bathroom that is? If it's a mens room, there should be a urinal in the picture.
  8. If he wanted to be here, he could have signed here after the franchise tag was rescinded. Gettleman didn't put him on a plane.
  9. Draft Availability / POLL - Round 1

    If Kelly was there, the thought of NippleShorts running to the podium is both frightening and intriguing.
  10. I was wrong...

    Au contraire, Matt Frewer. A common misconception.
  11. Who Are The Conservative Voices In The Sports Media

    It's ESPN. They say whatever the script says.
  12. I was wrong...

    Are they both female? Will the honeymoon be televised?
  13. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    Get KK and Star locked up.
  14. An outlier among teams with the most cap space

    This is better than porn. In a different way, but slightly better.
  15. Harriet Tubman

    I would have thought that Rosa Parks made more of an impact on society as we know it, and would have been a better choice. More recently relevant, if you will.