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  1. I suggest watching the game at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. 
  2. That is the most sophomoric analysis of who would win a football game that I have ever read.  The contestants were neither compared nor contrasted.  What has happened to thought in this post obama world?
  3. Celebrity picks would carry more weight if they were required to produce a $1,000 betting ticket corresponding to their pick. 
  4. You have made my point. 
  5. 1967 was the last time I didn't have a bed time.  Seriously, Greensboro sucks. Too many hippies. 
  6. I grew up with this team

    I grew old with this team.    My last hurrah. 
  7. If you like head shops and go to bed at 11, downtown Greensboro is your kind of place. 
  8. Good luck. Greensboro is the least hip city in the world. 
  9. The NFL needs to attract stupid fans, too. 
  10. She looks slutty enough to be dating me. 
  11. What position did you play?

    Center on offense, DT on defense.  At the time we went both ways. 
  12. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    It looks like he thought the HGH was hair tonic. 
  13. All I've seen is endless speculation on how Denver can win, followed by interminable videos of orange-clad football players.