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  1. Cowboys Steelers Seahawks Redskins Saints
  2. Ipso facto, gaudeamus igitur, tempus fugit, et tu, Brute?
  3. If the Panthers beat the 'Skins...

    When I was a young 'in, I was a Browns fan. This was because the Browns were the only Ohio team the we had (I lived in Cincinnati.) So when the bengals cams along, we Browns fans resisted.  I remember going to a Bengals-Browns game in Cincinnati.  The Bengals totally hammered the Browns. That was the end of Browns fans in Cincinnati. This weekend should be the end of Redskins fans in the Carolinas.  
  4. Wesley Walls talks about Greg Olsen

    If any of you remembers the  1957 Cincinnati Reds, you'll know what I mean. Wesley Walls reminds me of Wally Post. 
  5. I vote for all black with black helmets. 
  6. Well OK. Mariota reminds me of that cocksucker Steve Young. 
  7. Power rankings

  8. How does he rate the Bengals better than the Cardinals.  Did he not watch the game last night?
  9. About that Newton vs Wilson debate

    The thing that Wilson does that shows what a little bitch he is is when, while running out of bounds, under the protection of the "don't hit the quarterback" rules, he stutter steps and holds out the ball on his upfield side. Very cheap and classless. 
  10. Cardinals/Seahawks Game Thread

    Could it be that Seattle is doing that little jump move on purpose?
  11. Cardinals/Seahawks Game Thread

    Wilson is the new Brady as far as getting BS calls. 
  12. Paris..

    Putin is on it. Obama is one of them. Get this off the football page. 
  13. That Crazy Joe Web Wildcat Play