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  1. XClown1986 added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    Those of you surprised by the Glanton cut shouldn't be. He looks solid in run support at time but is burned worse than Nakamura in pass coverage. He was personally responsible for two touchdowns this preseason that I remember. Klein played better, Jacobs is a ST beast, and Mayo has the raw talent to develop. Not shocking to me.
    Melvin White was a slight surprise only because we like big guys outside. But Teddy Williams has balled out the past two games and I know they are high on Heath.
    The most surprising is Boykin. I have to wonder if he asked for his release so that he could go back to Green Bay. He could sign a one-year deal there, be the 3rd wideout, have a solid year, and cash in next year. Good business move if that's the case.
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  2. XClown1986 added a post in a topic Unexpected cuts from Panthers predictions?   

    Keep Fozzy, dump Todman, keep Wegher to develop. Done and done 
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  3. XClown1986 added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    Our defense is playing phenomenal. P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L
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