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  1. Agree. Guy had to slurp on some water after every sentence out of his mouth. Almost as annoying as the old ladies popping their chewing gum over here
  2. Epic 26min Video of 2015-2016 Highlights

    Literally LOL'ed at Stewart stuffing that blitzing LB at 7:55 in that video! Dude got thrown back like a bag of chips~
  3. I agree and said as much when we played them. That said, the comment was made with him being a "player"...with him " showing his personality"...with him "being who he is"...etc etc. All the same things we back Cam up with when others criticize him for being " who he is".  That is the point I am driving at...we praise one for playing with fire and being themselves and being lost in the moment, but don't extend that same consideration to others.
  4. Many bashed Sherman last year for essentially being himself ( showing his personality). A few days ago many praised him and gave him props for defending Cam. Now Matt Ryan has done exactly the same thing. I highly doubt it, but curious to see if the same comments of respect and in short "reeling in of the hate" will go on for Ryan.
  5. I dont know man. Cam is on the big stage now. He made some comments that strike true to what most of us believe ( that he has been treated unfairly because of his skin tone) and addressed a hidden unspoken of issue. He didnt speak on the issue, but at this point even a little side comment by a big star is enough to cause a poo storm. This week is not the time to kick up the snow on that, but after the SB...i would love it if  Cam came out and addressed or otherwise "backed up" his statements. Cam has a podium few if any have ever or will have, and yeah he put it out roll with it
  6. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Have to agree with above. It would be cool to trade comments with some real Broncos fans on here, but this guy is just starting poo and sharing the kind of diarrhea that is common on yahoo or SBnation. 1 week ban and wait to see if he/she has something to say afterward seems to be in order  
  7. Seeing cam in a tshirt just hit home for me that I am a small mofo! Damn genetics..i wanna be a show-stopper too!
  8. Gameday Menu Divisional Playoff Edition

    I posted in this thread about the Pizza Inn Bacon Cheeseburger pizza I was making. Since the new year I started something of a video blog on youtube. Its just some ol' bullshit about mostly my 2016 adventures in scuba diving (so far,only dry suit training) Last weekend though I started a Super Bowl flavored series. The first of which was something of a cheesy tutorial to teach Koreans about how to make the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. Tomorrow I will shoot a tutorial for making hotdog chili~ Mine isnt exactly the same as red onions are difficult to find, and I don't dig pickles so I finished it off with jalepenos instead. Its all in Korean of course..but since we are all giddy for the SB, I thought I would share~   Be warned, this isn't some well produced stuff like LilSmitty or even Chiliman~~            
  9. OK, replace the word "hate" for the word "shade" ( as that seems to be the hip way yunguns express what is essentially talking poo about someone)   And yeah. Plenty around here were throwing shade on him, and to my point...were doing it for the exact same reason that are licking his sack now. (He speaks his mind / He is honest / He doesn't give a damn.   But its cool though. More than likely 85% of the people reading joined in the last few weeks/ noone really gives a damn~  :)
  10. Alot of love here for a guy that was being crapped on just a year ago. Amazing what saying something nice about our team can do for someone. The Madden cover? Remember all the hate spewed on here for the guy relating to that infamous interview? Now the same "fire" in a player is praised because he defended Cam. Two-faced mofos abound~  
  11. Superb Owl Push

    Will you accept my Western Union? I'm out of the country. We spoke about this around a year ago and you asked if I would be in the country.  Plans fell through last winter, but I will be back in NC for a week in late February. If you have some spokespeople in Raleigh that can accept cash, I'd be more than happy to pass it along to them. Otherwise, take my damn money~~~
  12. The 12s just won't let it go...

    Apparently some of us just won't let it go either! How many weeks ago was that game?  People are still posting about what their fans are saying?   Weird how our team slogans go something like "next man up"...and " the next game we play"...but some still cant....      
  13. Conan O'Brien and the Superbowl

    Tolbert without question~
  14. You can't keep Thomas Davis down

    When Luke was drafted I was one of those ( there were quite a few other than me) that moaned that TD should be cut and released so Luke could fill in that space and not lose playing time to someone with so many injuries.   So happy to say that I didnt then ( and still dont) know what the fug im talking about.
  15. Been around since 09, and i don't see all that much different. Mostly stupid threads about meaningless stuff, with a few relevant/thought out OP's thrown in. Were you expecting that somehow the members of this board would upgrade their class and choices in posting in time with how the team has risen from the bottom floor to the top?