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  1. LOL at the idea of talking crap to the same guy so many stretched their jaw muscles for when he posted, defended him when he was on team, shat on him when he became a Cowboy over the same issue..and now call him out.   "I can tell you that we as Panther fans have stopped wondering, and frankly have stopped caring".....but wait Greg,just know you are on my mind enough to make a thread about! People still cant unclench their jaws from this guy even though he is on another team!
  2. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    Agreed. I couldn't help myself and went to his facebook page to send my own little message. Seems he is feeling the heat and not checking his "others" folder as per latest post. :)
  3. The best thing you will see all week

    Would have been so much better if it was our defense on those slides rather than Cam. That said, nice~
  4. Gameday Menu

    Totally glad to see more pics popping up in this thread. Since choking down sausage seems to be topic many put interest in, and since we are playing Green Bay...I worked up 5 lbs of bratwurst today. Today I just ground and seasoned the meat. Tomorrow (which will be my game time here in Korea) Ill actually stuff some links and grill, Pics will come tomorrow.    
  5. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    Send me your wife or gf's pic, give me a dayto make a gif of it....and then you will have your answer~
  6. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    Respect for women bro. Its not a hard concept to grasp
  7. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    I have no clue about Rodgers or his orientation. I also had no idea of who Munn was like another poster up above until this thread was made (i clicked on the thread thinking she was a reporter or something).. What I do know however, is that when i woke up this morning that "cowboy that wont be named" news related pics had 21 pages of people shaming him (really, showing remorse for defending him blindly) about respect for women and such before it was removed to the tinderbox. Now we have a thread dedicated to shaming and breaking down/making fun of another woman. It's just bad taste. Not sure how I can make it any more clear. I get Rogers is on an opposing team....but his woman/kids if he had them/ mother...etc should be off limits to fans with "class". Making jokes about her and posting such pictures lowers us to saints*** level, and i thought and hoped our fanbase was better than that.   So lets make fun of her, but never again claim we have any more class than the Falcons/Saints fans. Otherwise, lets leave the gf/wives/family of our opponents alone. If we have to make jokes about their women and shows more of an inferiority complex than anything else.
  8. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    I would advise you to get over yourself. Admiring a beautiful woman...and shaming her as some cock sucking hoe as has been done here are two very different things. That fact you cant see the difference speaks volumes. If you havent gotten it never will.
  9. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    If you think she is all that hot in the pics posted..I question what you term as "attractive".   The point is not how attractive she is...but rather as we as a fan base that talk about "class" but have a thread dedicated to getting jollies and frat humor ( humor is a stretch, but whatever) about another mans woman.   When your attractive sister or wife, or your own cougar mother were ever to become the fodder for such may feel differently. Rest assured all of them have had plenty of sausage in their mouths...but i fail to see the humor in making jokes about it. People here got all upset about other forums and media outlets trying to make a story about Cam's woman.....yet here some are doing the exact same thing. The Hardy thread was moved to the tinderbox and assume because the issue was distasteful and such...yet here we have another thread that does the exact same thing by degrading and breaking down a woman that has done FAR more in this world than most others here will ever do. The word is respect      
  10. New Star Wars Trailer...

    Come on now...really? Get a life! At this point you are just kissing Igo's butt for breaking his own rules concerning a non-panthers related thread during the season.
  11. New Star Wars Trailer...

    Movie is doomed to fail. Its such an old story that most people dont get it/know it/care, and the old school folk that do care will crap on it so much because of this or that. No matter what, people will say bad poo about it. Kind of similar and opposite like our Panthers team! The people (those fuggin writers that have been pooing on us for years) dont care because they just dont know ( read, dont care enough about us to research our team)..and those that do know and follow the team crap on Shula, or lament about KB, or constantly scan the newswires and suggest this or that FA, or start thread about whether so and so should be replaced/traded/benched or just poo'ed on.   The only difference is....our team will Keep Pounding! This movie will blow its wad in the first weekend and be written about for weeks and months about how and why it failed.    
  12. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    Somewhat Panther related it is, but most of these replies are perfect examples of the lack of class some on this board have.