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  1. Please help me out

    I'll look tomorrow if you still need one Montsta, send me a PM if you want me to pick one up
  2. Gameday Menu NFC Championship Edition

    Still not sure.. need ideas please
  3. Well, this escalated quickly...

    Talking poo is the best way to show you skerred
  4. Breathtaking.

    lol that is awesome
  5. My Cardinals scouting report

    Good write up and glad to see you come back to show some respect. You guys have a lot of annoying fans, but you seem to be legit.. look forward to our rivalry for the next decade
  6. I think I found her picture  
  7. ATTENTION: Bank Of America Stadium DJ

    Good job OP.. job well done on getting this to happen lol  
  8. Panthers United will be banned pie....

    Ban this boy!

    MM victory pie.. only 2 more victory pies left
  10. NFCC game pie... cum get you some

    MMM NFCCG Pie!
  11. Gameday Menu Divisional Playoff Edition

    Bacon wrapped filet steak, lobster tail, and potato.. something like this, except my firearms might not be on the table.. but you never know  
  12. Chiliman cooks up some birdstew

    haha funny
  13. 2016 Opponents

    So if we come out to Oakland for the game we can crash at your place? I'll supply the blow and hookers