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  1. Great article and I like the next gen stats in there.
  2. dude quit your bitchin' about cmc. so annoying
  3. Takeaways from MNF

    Cam had a 120.4 QBR this game. Great game by him, even though he didn't run one in.

    feed the monster
  5. You are right, I recognize that I had a poor choice of words in that reply. It is something that I would have said in person but online it seems too bashy.
  6. There is a fallacy somewhere in that response. I hope you find it. By the logic of what you just said, people that don't play pro football are unable to take care of their mother and loved ones.
  7. You don't play pro football as a kid. I get what you're saying but being pressured at early age is not the same as being forced to play at pro level. I don't think yall understand what the word forced means.
  8. Are you hearing what you're saying? You just laughed when I said that no one if forced to play football and you supported that with this? That is what you call being forced to work somewhere? Gtfo. That's not even close to being forced. Try again. If you're only choice in life is playing football or dying (or letting others die), there are bigger issues in your life than how dangerous NFL is.
  9. The average NFL player salary is $1.9mil and the end of the day, football is a job. None of the players play for our entertainment alone. I'm not sure why people don't understand that no one is forced to play football. I think NFL should just go ahead and declare that playing tackle football will 100% impact your brain health and all the reasons why playing football is dangerous. For this reason, the players are highly compensated. Nothing will change. There will be just as many players trying to play for 10 years and make as much money as possible. I know I would. I'm all for making it safer but there is a limit to what you can do trying to circumvent or soften a collision with a 250lb person at full speed. We might be at that limit in today's age. I know this sounds dull and inconsiderable, but at the end of the day, the players are sacrificing their bodies for an absurd amount of money and fame. It is their choice, unlike in the gladiator days.
  10. I think if he keeps up the pace he’s projected to get to top 3 by the end of season. Can’t remember the exact numbers