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  1. Best Twitter Reactions

    cant argue about that last tweet. this will be on replay for decades
  2. So when it happens, the person who told Libby will be surprised. Got it.
  3. NO @ TB 17 - 20 SF @ LA 27 - 6 ARI @ SEA 23 - 14
  4. Why is this game so fugin boring, good gawd
  5. Coleman should have deflected and not go for int
  6. Why are we broken on offense today
  7. So I wanted to see how our overall winning percentage changed after each season. Also included Coach and Starting QB, for science.
  8. Thanks, I read up on how the tie is calculated and you're correct. We officially are over .500
  9. Nope. That translates into us winning 191 of 382 games played, which is exactly half. A loss to that CIN game would have us at 0.500 as well. A win in that game would have put us 2 games over 500, instead we decided to tie it.
  10. The victory over GB, brought the Carolina Panthers over 0.500 winning record (including playoffs), for the first time since 1998. (after the first 3 seasons we were 26 - 22, and then downhill from there) 182-183-1 (Regular Season record so far) and 9-7 (Playoffs) = 191 - 190 - 1 which is 191.5 wins / 382 games = 0.501 overall [source] I wonder how does that compare to other "top-tier" teams. Took us 23 seasons. Milestone? Thoughts? ------------------ edit: the tie is actually counted as half win and half loss [source]. thanks @Mother Grabber @Goondal for pointing out the errors.