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  1. iBBB

    Hiding Profile Pics

    I doubt anything will be put in place to allow the ability to hide peoples avatars but you can always hover your mouse over the username of the poster who's tits/ass infested avatar is inappropriate and click "ignore user". This will hide all their posts until you remove them from your "ignore list".
  2. iBBB

    Hiding Profile Pics

    Whenever you see a signature, there is an "x" on the right side of it. When you click it, you can hide that particular signature, or all of them. So since a while ago, I've been disabling signatures that I find dumb, annoying, inappropriate or infested with gifs slowing down the page load. As of now, signatures are not a problem for me anymore.
  3. iBBB

    Hiding Profile Pics

    I mean those are some nice melons @TheSpecialJuan dont get me wrong, I get you, I like them too. But I also come across situations where I have to scroll past your posts to conceal the sad excuse of a bathing suit covering a nice rack that can only draw unwanted attention from unsuspecting by-passers. If that is you in the avatar, or your girl, I applaud you and take everything back though.
  4. iBBB

    Last Day at Camp - Update Thread

    While on tweeter, click the share tweet button then select “Share Tweet Via” then click “copy link location” and then just paste the link in the reply box here. If you did it right, the link will convert into a tweet. I’m using safari on my phone and it works great
  5. Here's a good web page (outdated but still works) that has all training camp tweets consolidated. If anyone wants to post them here, there's fresh pie waiting for you...I can't post the tweets today. https://www.derp/2017/8/8/16021234/carolina-panthers-training-camp-practice-live-updates-august-8-2017
  6. I like how Greg looks at the camera as if he says it directly to KB