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  1. Can you update the OP with the number of rushing TDs? Too lazy to look it up... never mind. I got this one: Marshawn Lynch: 81 Rushing TDs 10 seasons, 8.1 TDs / season avg 129 Games Started, 1 TD every 1.6 Games avg Frank Gore: 77 Rushing TDs 13 Seasons, 5.9 TDs / season avg 182 Games Started, 1 TD every 2.4 Games avg LeSean McCoy: 66 Rushing TDs 9 Seasons, 7.3 TDs / season avg 119 Games Started, 1 TD every 1.8 Games avg Cam Newton: 54 Rushing TDs 7 Seasons, 7.7 TDs / season avg 108 Games Started, 1 TD every 2 Games avg ______________________________________________________ Adrian Peterson: 99 Rushing TDs 11 Seasons, 9 TDs / season avg 123 Games Started, 1 TD every 1.2 Games avg Chris Jonhson: 55 Rushing TDs 10 Seasons, 5.5 TDs / season avg 111 Games Started, 1 TD every 2 Games avg
  2. iBBB

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    The AE project failure aftertaste still present. What was that year, 2012 training camp? When AE did so good, even got praise from Smith and Cam directly, and everyone here thought he was the second coming... only to watch him... never mind. Not comparing the two players, just stating that training camp/ota hype doesn’t always translate into immediate production during the season.
  3. iBBB

    Hakeem Nicks

    I am sick and tired of threads about ________. So let me make a thread about it. - Huddle Logic
  4. Pause the video and move to 0:00, they sure having a party in there...
  5. Some of you are way to fuggin sensitive this evening. Wtf
  6. Bigger than your future. Lol, I kid. Calm down.
  7. Don't look for big moves you say? DG thinks otherwise.
  8. I'll take them, plus I represent Moldova. If I win, I will make sure to have a "Moldova supports the Panthers" flag while on the field.
  9. Ron upset at Harper for calling TO?
  10. If we stop them and make it 31 - 3, we resting starters and it's wegher time.
  11. So what's new count for Cams' pass & rush td in one same game?
  12. 15's victory over PhillyB is identical to Falcon's victory over Panthers last week.