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  1. Hakeem Nicks

    I am sick and tired of threads about ________. So let me make a thread about it. - Huddle Logic
  2. Pause the video and move to 0:00, they sure having a party in there...
  3. Can we not do these click-bait thread titles? It insinuates a misleading development, even though you claim that Jason is reporting the expectation of a new GM hire and not the new hire itself.
  4. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Revenge of 28-3 this year?
  5. One day in the distant future when the NFL is completely ran by AI and the players on the field are a mix of fully autonomous robots and surrogates for rich people to get an authentic game experience, the 28-3 will still somehow come up. Although the audience will probably not get the reference, but we will know. Trust me, we will know.
  6. Speaking of uncool

    This reminds of those crowded x-rated videos
  7. Best Twitter Reactions

    cant argue about that last tweet. this will be on replay for decades
  8. So when it happens, the person who told Libby will be surprised. Got it.
  9. NO @ TB 17 - 20 SF @ LA 27 - 6 ARI @ SEA 23 - 14
  10. Why is this game so fugin boring, good gawd
  11. Coleman should have deflected and not go for int