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  1. iBBB added a post in a topic Bad news, Denarius Moore fans   

    Sounds like he was expecting yes, so he can brag about it lol
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  2. iBBB added a post in a topic Huddle Kitten Extravaganza....   

    The only nudes you'd be getting are those of Jeremy
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  3. iBBB added a post in a topic Im sorry but I just hate the Seahawks more than our NFCs rivals   

    I thought if SEA would have recovered the ball in the endzone instead of bating it out, it would have been a touchback, no?
    When the fumble happened, the ball ended up in the endzone and it was a live ball, meaning if SEA recovers the fumble its a touchback, it DET recovers the fumble, its a touchdown. (silimar to kick return, if the catcher touchs the ball inbounds it would be a touchback if the ball ends up outofbounds behind the endzone; and similarly if the catcher touches the ball outside of endzone and then gets tackeld in the endzone or drops the and it goes out of bounds behind the endzone, its a safety)
    I think the quoted rule applies if the live ball (after fumble) was NOT in the endzone, and the SEA forces it out of bounds behind the endzone. Then yeah, its a safety. 
    I am by no means defending SEA but I thought it was a legal play.
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  4. iBBB added a post in a topic Fun Fact   

    And haven't lost a regular season game ever since. 
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  5. iBBB added a post in a topic Green Bay and the Panthers   

    This stat jumped at me while I was looking over the standings at NFL. Glad you made a topic about it. 
    Yes, us and GB are very much alike but no one sees it yet. We'll just have to play them in NFC Championship. 
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  6. iBBB added a post in a topic Caption this "Pick"   

    Oooooo... boi... you gonna try me like that?
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  7. iBBB added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

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  8. iBBB added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    Two words: Love Goggles.
    Happenes all the time to nice guys. See, you won't fix her. Up until now, she wasn't who she truly is inside, and she didn't treat you  how she truly felt towards you, but now she does and you have realized it.
    She will never change. What you see her as today, is what she truly is. She might fake it and be difference/better for a while, and you will buy into it. But it will only be a matter of time until it all reverts back to what it is right now. You might fix specific examples such as TV sessions, choirs, specific habits etc, but the true essance of her perspective of WHO YOU ARE TO HER, will never change. It CAN'T and it WON'T (whiile you are together).
    You don't truly love her. When you love someone, you get that same love in return. What you have is love towards a fantasy of being with her and the idea of having a companion. You have lied to yourself that you love her, but you really don't. You lost your own value, and you transfered it all into her and that's what you actually love: your own value in her possession. The fact that you initiated this OP is the babysteps of better times, congratulations. 
    All this, of course, is speculation from what I have read. I have been through very similar situation and it all goes downhill from here, fast. 
    What should you do? It's simple. Man up and tell that what you guys have is not a relationship and you are tired. 
    You have to break it up with her and she needs to know that it's because of HER (but honestly, it's a bit of your fault as well) and she needs to go away. Yes it is harsh, but that's the best way for your situation. 
    You got soft. You never go soft, especially when your partner moves in. You gotta be bold, and you have to let her know her limitations around you. 
    Hope this helps. Oh and by the way... The Rule of Thumb: When she is super jelous and goes through you phone, fb, always checking up on you and accusing you of talking/flirting/cheating/or doing something 'wrong', it's because she is doing just that. She cannot trust you because she doing something behind your back that you wouldn't trust her. Human nature.
    Don't wait until she breaks it to you that she is moving out. I did, because I was blind and I lied to myself. I got soft and I 'loved' her while she treated me like poo. I see it all clear now.  
    You deserved better. 
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  9. iBBB added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    There is no real reason for an organization to keep hidden the severity of a player's injury. 
    Perhaps they can fake an injury to keep a player from playing, I can see that, but not the other way around. 
    So you are given all that there is to know. HE IS IN THE GD PROTOCOL. If there was anything more serious than that, it would be public. They might be afraid it might be more serious, sure, but that's where the line is drawn. If he clears concussion protocol and something else starts hurting, well, you'll know why. 
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  10. iBBB added a post in a topic The Road to .500   

    would you rather have them be at the bottom of??
    I wonder what is the record of all teams since we joined the league, especially our division rivals'
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  11. iBBB added a post in a topic Marcus Lucas and Brandon Williams to Miami   

    I guess they liked what they saw in training camp here, during joint practices. 
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  12. iBBB added a post in a topic Chris Simms likes the Panthers   

    We haven't lost a Regular Season game since November 30th, 2014. We also have the longest active regular season win streak in NFL (7 Regular Season games)
    We are 8-2 in the last 10 games played. (1 playoff loss and 1 regular season loss to MIN on Nov 30th)
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  13. iBBB added a post in a topic Does ANYONE have a video of the late hit on Cam?   

    I think the Higher Ups are telling Ed what to say, to save face. They got pinned against the wall here. Imagine them admitting that this was going on...
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  14. iBBB added a post in a topic So before we hit the panic button on Funchess..   

    I think you made a wrong turn when you took some dumb individual comments from random threads and created a false general consensus, thus then creating a thread addressing that illusion.  
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  15. iBBB added a post in a topic Two experts pick against the Panthers   

    Normally, the Panthers take on a more relaxed stance when playing weaker opponents or opponents they could beat easily. But because they have found themselves losing those games at time, I believe the team now has a more focused approach to these sort of games. 
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