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  1. The best thing you will see all day....

    Why is he running around and trying to get injured??? Should he bebubble wrapped till season opener? But nah, for real, he looks hungry for impact.
  2. An outlier among teams with the most cap space

    What does it look like at this moment or how much does he have left?
  3. NFL Coaches Group Photo

    Jeff Fisher is posing for a tinder picture
  4. Way to go CJ! I applaud Getty for having balls of steal. This dude is on a mission folks.
  5. I found this article pretty funny. They also have us winning SB 54with this comment: Take a look at the rest, especially the later years. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14747408/super-bowl-50-history-why-not-predict-next-25-super-bowl-winners
  6. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Apparently the Broncos winning was a better story, according to polls.
  7. I am proud....

    I will cheer for this team for better or worse.
  8. Less than 1 hour

    im about to burst. it will be messy
  9. Less than 1 hour

  10. 2 hours

  11. Has Any NFL Team Ever Had a Better 24 Hours?

    Wikipedia claims we are already at 176-175-1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolina_Panthers
  12. Yes, this. We will have plenty of time after this sunday to ponder over that topic. Statements like in the original post makes me feel like we all are overlooking this match up on sunday.
  13. I loved this trailer, wish it was longer.
  14. Yep

    You'll have the best seat in the game.
  15. Beware...

    Someone in the comments stated that the picture is from his COLLEGE DAYS. Although that statement has no credibility, it got me thinking that it just might be right. MTO will use any material to stir poo up so who is to say that it is recent? Plus, that does NOT look like a penthouse lmao I smell bs.