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  1. Go sign Reid or Burnett. Hell bring both of them in. Might be able to afford both for about the same price as Mathieu.
  2. Only if he falls to our 2nd. No trading up. I think he’s a solid player but unspectacular. We need DE help though.
  3. Exactly. He hasn’t lived up to the hype so everyone sh*ts on him. But if he were a 3rd round pick everyone would be clamoring for this signing. He would be the #2 TE and maybe he can learn a thing or two from Olsen. It’s not like Ed Dickson was much of a blocker or receiver anyways. This should be an upgrade.
  4. I rather have Ebron. The potential is there. I think with Wilson what you see is what you get. For all the hate on Ebron, his numbers are respectable. I’ll take that from a #4 option all day. That’s essentially what he will be for us.
  5. Thomas is the perfect DE for us to grab and mold. Peppers would be the perfect mentor for him. I take him with one of our 3rds if he doesn’t get overdrafted. He’s raw but has the measurables we desire.
  6. Guice, Michel and Penny are my favorites. I hope we are able to land one of them. Good call on John Kelly @RockyTopVol. He’s a sleeper.
  7. Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    Don’t see this happening. I’m interested in Morgan Burnett. Eric Reid too because he should be cheap. But JR wouldn’t let that happen either.
  8. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    I’d definitely bring him in. His play fell off when Rodgers went down. He fits that Proehl/Cotchery role.
  9. Isn’t Berger a center? Weren’t there rumors of us possibly being interested in Ryan Jensen? How much would he cost?
  10. I want to see what’s our excuse if the Saints still manage to sign Graham and Butler/Wilkerson.
  11. All these good players being had for late round picks and we gave up a 4th for a punter who ended up being cut lol
  12. After having the day to think it over, it’s not so bad of a trade. $5M is not much for what’s the going rate of WR in FA is going to be. As everyone has stated, we revitalized Ginn’s career. No reason we can’t do the same with Smith who is the better receiver. He was on some crappy SF teams and played 4th fiddle in Philly. He’s only 29 too. Since the contract is not huge there’s still a chance we can bring someone like Wallace, Pryor or Moncrief on the low if no one throws crazy money at them. There’s also the draft to groom one. Parting with Worley also forces Hurney’s hand in uprgrading the secondary. There’s some FA CBs worth bringing in along with the draft. So barring something dumb (I know) we shouldn’t be worse than last year here.
  13. Watching what Hurney does at CB/S is going to be interesting. I was opposed to signing Moncrief because I wanted all our resources allocated to Watkins. Now after this move I would like to bring him in on the cheap.