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  1. These are exactly the types of deals the Panthers need to jump on.
  2. 1. Calvin Ridley- preferred him over Moore. But I can live with Moore. I’ll trust Smitty and Norv’s judgement over mine. I just hope he can stick on the outside. We don’t need anymore slot receivers. 2. Isaiah Oliver- Jackson might turn out to be the real deal but everything points to him being too undersized and a slot CB. Oliver can play the outside where we need a starter opposite Bradberry. This roster is full of nicklebacks. Carlton Davis is another option here. Guice is also intriguing. 3. Arden Key- This far down he’s worth the risk. The potential is there and he can be a situational DE until he fills out his frame again while learning from Pep. 3. Ronnie Harrison- too much value to pass up. Big in the box safety that can learn under the tutelage of Mike Adams and be ready to take over for next season. Ian Thomas or Christoper Herndon are also options. OR Trade both 3rd round picks and move up to draft Justin Reid. Rangy all around FS to fill the void left when we cut Coleman.
  3. KDawg004

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    So we passed up on a legit DE in Ejiofor for this? I can only think they use him in a role similar to Bruce Irvin/Von Miller. He’s going to get eaten up with his hand in the ground.
  4. Would’ve preferred Oliver or Davis. He better play on the boundary. I don’t want to draft a slot CB in the 2nd.
  5. KDawg004

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    This draft has been brutal lol. So much talent passed up by us.
  6. This is the exact draft I wanted. And though you have good reasoning, I’m not even sure we’re a playoff team without CMC. I really think he was a Richardson pick. He screams the exact player Richardson wants for this franchise. What’s done is done. CMC was overdrafted but he’s a great little player.
  7. KDawg004

    CJ Anderson Released

    I think he’d be a great signing depending on money. Frees us to draft another position of need. Sign CJ and draft Mark Walton to replace Fozzy.
  8. Never been a fan of GMan’s drafts. Still pissed we traded up for Worley and not Fuller. Hell, I wanted Fuller in the 2nd over Bradberry. We could have been sitting pretty with Hunter Henry/Derrick Henry and Landon Collins too. Shoulda coulda woulda.
  9. Only WRs I’m interested in is Ridley, Moore, Miller, Gallup and St. Brown. Only one of them I would take in the 1st round (Ridley). If we’re willing to take on the risk later in the draft I would add Callaway to the list. The rest I just don’t see where they fit with us.
  10. KDawg004

    Chatter for Top TEs in Draft

    Would love Herndon. I think he’s very underrated.
  11. Not good. We better load up the secondary.
  12. KDawg004

    some more inside info

    I think we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we don’t draft a RB with this class. Just too much talent to pass up.
  13. KDawg004

    Tony Pauline's mock draft

    Derwin James would be amazing. Hubbard isn’t too bad considering who is left on the board. I think that’s solid depth with a chance to be a steady starter at DE. I wouldn’t mind moving up a few spots for Daniels, Jones II, or Hurst. Shouldn’t take much. Some of those CB available early 2nd are tempting too.
  14. One of the most underrated WR in this draft. He’s aggressive at playing the ball, runs great routes and is a great blocker. Wouldn’t mind him in the 2nd. We would be very lucky if he is available for our 3rd round pick.