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  1. Cam was the best, and i think from an on the field standpoint, Armanti Edwards was the worst. Traded up in the second round literally for nothing. At least peters was on the field for a little while.
  2. Darren Sproles??

    i would take him. Our offense is pretty creative, and with all of the fakes and misdirection, Sproles could be a real weapon.
  3. Peanut talks Panthers...glowingly

    I still want to bring him back if he will play for minimum. I covet his leadership, and I want him to continue to teach our young secondary the art of forced fumbles.
  4. I think only an idiot would NOT pick Cam. Russel Wilson would be a good choice too, but I believe Cam to be a better talent, and he is stronger, taller and a better QB period.
  5. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    wow, the whole first page has no love for Philly? The dude was literally our #1WR at times last year, on the leagues best offense. I think our fanbase is more knoledgeable than most others but damn... you guys awlays rag on your own players. Philly is WR3 on this roster bcause he has a larger route tree than Ginn does. It is a lock that both Philly and Ginn make the team as WR3 and WR4 respectively.
  6. I just saw that. I called him otah about 3 times. lol
  7. I think Williams has a chance to beat Remmers on the right side. As far as Luke Joekel is concerned, I dont think he would be an upgrade over Oher. He will probably get signed somewhere desperate that will pay him big bucks... but if he doesnt stick anywhere, I would be ok with DG bringing him in on a short 'prove myself' contract to compete. Sometimes it helps a guy to get out of a losing clture and into a winning one. Probably wont happen though. Oher wasnt terrible last year. He just wasnt great.
  8. A Funchess Reminder

    KB improved Funch experienced Philly deep threat Ginn Olsen... I will put our pass catchers and our laser armed QB against any in the NFL.
  9. There is nothing to be worried about IMO. With the return of Benjamin and some much needed rotation at DT to keep the line fresh, this team is better than last years team in my honest opinion, even without Norman. Some people think i am overly optimistic or a homer, but it was me who was telliung everyone last year that we would still make the playoffs last year when KB went down. this team is as good as our 15-1 team. Norman's loss will be made up for with added pressure on the qb and youth in the secondary and Shaq improving and becoming a ball hawk under Luke and TD's tutalege. I predict 13-3 this year. We will lose a game in the first half of the season, so we will rest players late in the season instead of chasing a undefeated season...
  10. A Funchess Reminder

    I agree that with our depth, philly will be our WR4 according to production, but will be listed as the WR3 due to better route tree than Ginn has. I think we may have the best group of WRs in the NFL. Philly would be an upgrade at WR2 for many teams in the NFL.
  11. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    This draft looks good when you look at the whole defensive depth chart. Losing Norman sucked... But we have added some size and youth to our secondary, and some much needed rotation on the line that will help our defense from getting tired and letting opponents back into the game in the second half. Not to mention on situations when we need to rush the QB, imagine Ealy C. Johnson/ Star/ Butler/K Short with KK on the edge as a pass rusher... There are all kinds of posibilities to imagine, especially with the leagues best and fastest LBs behind them swarming, and a youthfulsecondary ballhawking off of QB pressure. Early prediction... Carolina attains the number 1 defense for at least a period this coming season.
  12. weird. I feel kinda sorry for Jaxsonville. As their 'twin' we have came in and 'stole the show'. We havent won the big game yet, but we are the exact opposite of them it seems. If we go 2-0 to start the season, we will be a .500+ lifetime team.
  13. we have plenty of cap space. I think we may look at some FAs or maybe UDFAs. Also remember that we have Williams who may be an upgrade over Remmers and might beat him in camp.
  14. You are right OP. The rest of the fans will come around. The 1st round DT pick was a good pick as well. Gettleman is working hard to win us a ring. Players want to come to Carolina now because of our culture. All of us liked Norman as a player, but Gettleman put the team first and found players to contribute that he didnt think were availible in free agency. Also, we can rest our DTs more with the addition of our first rounder and the new guy Soleil(sp.). I can see what he is doing. Not to mention that speedy Shaq will be improved this year and will be all over the field with our other two LBs making plays in the secondary as well as stuffing runners. There is a bigger picture here that many are not seeing.
  15. A Funchess Reminder

    I cant even imagine what it will be like with Funch, Olson and KB on he same play with all of that heigth... Throw in Ginn to take the top off of the defense... We are going to be soo good.