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  1. Game 7

    poo, I'm not playing, and I'm very embarrassed lol. The boss is embarrassed, and that's not gonna bode well for some players
  2. And in the return game....he's got some wheels on him
  3. Touchbacks at the 25, automatic ejections happening

    My bad, I was thinking he received 2 unsportsmanlike flags in the half....all in all, he was still an asshole that day lol. I would have threw his ass out
  4. Touchbacks at the 25, automatic ejections happening

    Would have worked well on OBJ last season lol
  5. Hornets tickets?

    Here's my story....due to an unplanned surgery I had to have, I missed a few weeks of work and a couple paychecks, while promising to take my son to a hornets game this season. Was supposed to take him the middle of February for his with 11th birthday, and I couldn't yeah, I feel like the shitty father. If anyone hastickets they can't use,or knows of anyone getting rid of tickets on the cheap,hitme up. The only game I'm available to go to is March 19 against the Nuggets. Would need 3 tickets. Me, wife, and son. Any info or help would be awesome. Have a blessed day.
  6. Rivera said deep bone bruise in post game presser. He said if TD says he can play, he will not hold him back
  7. Getting pumped

    Here's his new one he made today....seems like good luck to me, and I feel Cam will have a monster game
  8. NFC Trophy presentation

    To be honest, I think they present the trophy during the celebration in the locker room, with the owner, gm, and coach being interviewed....could be wrong. I think they only present the Lombardi on field, unless they have changed things up
  9. Getting pumped

    Thanks. Hopefully he has a future in graphic arts. Kids are so damn smart at a younger age these days
  10. Getting pumped

    He's definetely too young to scroll the pages of the huddle at this time. Almost 11. Sorry Igo, I gotta give him a few more years. He said the huddle looks really cool, lol
  11. Getting pumped

    I told him his pic was getting pie.... lol he didn't understand what that was. I told him it was equivalent to likes, his response was priceless....
  12. Getting pumped

    Yeah, actually he did
  13. Getting pumped

    My oldest son is 10 and into sports pic editing, this is his latest project and looks really good. When I was 10, I was into Atari and my.
  14. How crazy is this making you?

    Office Space random fun fact of the day