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  1. Thebigcat

    Is that you?
  2. Incredible story.  I knew that had happened to Coleman, but I had no idea those guys formed such a close bond...
  3. Well, that makes it complete.
  4. thats not what he said...
  5. Savage Gardening the Panthers

    Wtf is going on here
  6. Bay Area Guide To SB50 Fun!

    For those that have extra time on their hands and are craft brew lovers, a drive two hours to the north to Santa Rosa will land you at Russian River Brewing, which is home to what is widely considered to be one of the finest beers in the world, Pliny The Elder. Highly recommended.  This is a beer that you simply cannot obtain outside of the area that it is brewed, so it's worth the drive if you have the time.   http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/863/7971/
  7. I see you DG!!!!

    Damn Igo, you are giddy this week!
  8. Other teams forums: Shock and Awe

    how is babby formed
  9. Congrats Ted Ginn

    That tackle was amazing. Ginn ran up behind Peterson like he was standing still. 
  10. Taiwanese game preview

    What do they call football there?  Just American Football?
  11. It is the only game I've ever stopped watching...
  12. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

  13. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    From here on out, the Cardinals shall be known as The Carsondinals.
  14. Video: Kids talk about Cam Newton

    Truly awesome!
  15. Please tell me that you guys have checked out the jukebox AND played the song "Special lady at the Waffle House".  Billy Dee Cox's best work, or something like that.  Totally sets the tone for your visit to the Waffle House.  The song is available in every single Waffle House juke box.