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  1. Wes Horton re-signed

    That leaves Nate Askew as the only guy from last season not retained.

    Read Aaron Wilson's Twitter. He posts everything, and as often as not is the first to do so.
  3. Forte won't be re-signed

    He's been great for them.
  4. Forte won't be re-signed

    If it were a few years ago... He's still good but at his age he's a stopgap only.

    It's not true. Whatever intern was in charge of that page screwed up and reported that it was Davis.  The contracts that actually voided belonged to Harper and Cotchery.
  6. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    As to the question in the OP, there are times when I think "Lord, I hope not."
  7. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    It's been touched on here, but worth reiterating. This is not something the Panthers chose to do today.  This is something that was already written into the contracts and thus, was known about well ahead of time by all parties.
  8. They cited the Observer.  I'm looking at the Observer online and not seeing it. I think they're mixing Davis up with Harper/Cotchery.
  9. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Whole thing struck me as odd. Kinda doubt Prisco even merits an assistant.

    I do that with NFL threads because those, while relevant, generate less discussion.  I tend to think it's best to concentrate all that in one place.  Occasionally a major move deserves a thread of its own, but for the most part I find an omnibus thread works best. Panther news generally deserves its own thread, in my opinion.  
  11. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    So I've been told. Was once asked at training camp if i was Pete Prisco or his assistant.  I was wearing a Panther jersey at the time.
  12. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    When I signed up for the board in 2003 at age 16, I never imagined I'd be playing for the team.
  13. A mistake. Not to be mean, but I think we should probably let him go.
  14. Free Agent DB's

    A cheap, solid option like Casey Hayward would be a possibility for depth.
  15. Gettleman's next find

    Back with the Raiders.