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  1. rdog157h added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    What happened to Topcat Laura?
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  2. rdog157h added a post in a topic Philly Brown with a sick route against Patrick Peterson   

    You hear about QB's "throwing receivers open". Then some QB's throw so hard receivers are thrown out of bounds!
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  3. rdog157h added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

    Tell her your coworkers wife just had it done and the guy was bragging all day about how good his wife and her new tits looked. And how inexpensive the procedure was. Maybe that will make her jealous or just curious enough to start looking in to it.
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  4. rdog157h added a comment on a gallery image Topcats   

    Carolina Topcats
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