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  1. Not bad. Now the nips!1111111111eleventyonepmmethemifyouwanna

  2. Since you asked nicely..... boobs-1.jpg

  3. OMG!!!!111eleventyonebbq

  4. A female?? SHOW MA UR BEWBZ!!!!!!!!!1111111111purtyplz

  5. Ah. I was gonna say, there's a Bar here in Charlotte named "Dixie's" and it's a Steelers bar. That place will be jump'n for the SB I'm sure!

  6. I'm in Greensboro.

  7. you in Charlotte? or just in "NC"?

  8. I'll probably just watch it at home, wishing I was there.

  9. Where you watching the big game?

  10. Yeah. Here's hope'n. I am kinda up in the air on this SB tho. I wouldn't mind seeing either team win. The Steelers to take that top with the most championships, and to back up the first SB with Ben at the helm. Or Kurt and the Cardinals, cuz Kurt is a class act... and like the Bus, I think Edge is done after this Season. but who knows. it'll be fun.

  11. A showdown would have been awesome. There's always next year!

  12. Wow, a Stillers fan! :D hehe, My best friend is a Steelers fan. he was hope'n for a showdown. Oh well, we blew it.

  13. Yea, everyone thinks I'm like 17. LOL It's ok. I'd rather look 6 years younger than 6 years older!

  14. You just looked alot younger. Sorry