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  1. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    My favorite Panther ever.
  2. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I smell a "Jericho Appreciatiin Thread" coming boys. Clutch.
  3. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    Am I the only one who pronounces it "Thigh-land" now after the Hangover II?  
  4. Who gives the pregame speech today?

    Save the Big Cat speech for February 7.
  5. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    Oh, and what Jangler said. :-)   Quick story:  I was a good boy in high school. Never drank...good student, etc. Had my fun in college but normally nothing super outrageous. Got my first teaching job and 6 months in went back home where a friend had a party with a bunch of old high school buddies. I drank about 15 beers and someone said "What happened to John? I've never seen him drink and here he is getting sloshed!".  Someone said "He's a high school teacher now". They brought me another beer. :)
  6. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    FuFu First of all, congratulations if this is indeed what you want to do. I changed majors when I was a junior after tutoring and coaching some in college. I know I get on here and complain about how NC treats teachers lately, but I think I regret my career path. I've been doing it for 21 years, and here is some advice from someone in the trenches. The first year is the toughest.  Period.  If you aren't happy after about three years, cut your losses and go elsewhere. You'll have no problem finding a job in NC.   Find a good school with supportive coworkers. Principals will come and go. Talk to the teachers at your school who have been there a while. If you have good co-workers, you can weather the storm of a horrible principal (been there done that). Your summers.... be sure to take some time to completely get away from teaching. You'll have conferences and workshops and training to do, but take some time to completely get away from teaching. If not, you'll burn out hard the next year. Your summers.... find something you can do as a second career/supplement.  Make it something that has nothing to do with teaching.  I have teacher friends that wash cars, work in restaurants, do woodworking, construction, painting, accounting, etc. This lets you make up for the income of being unemployed during the summer, plus gives you a "Plan B" if you leave the profession within the first 5 years (60%+ of teachers in NC leave within the first 5 years).   If you're not tied down to living in NC, definitely look at other states. You have to take into consideration the cost of living, but taking that into consideration you're still much better off financially in SC, VA and TN. Don't just look at starting salaries-- look at career earnings. I've done the research and I have coworkers who have moved to those areas. Stay away from the girls. Stay away from negative coworkers. Learn to do your job the best way you can and don't be afraid to experiment and be innovative in the classroom. You'll have a poo-ton of hoops to jump through that have nothing to do with teaching. Spend the least amount of energy on that to stay in the good graces of your bosses, and spend most of your energy on the kids. Just a few things off the top of my head.  Best of luck to you, and hopefully our state will turn things around financially. When I first started teaching we were 47th in the nation in teacher pay. After 10 years we were 27th. Now we are back down (47th again I believe). Hopefully it will cycle back up.
  7. Notes and Memos - Packers

    Dear Thomas Davis Once again, you are THE MAN. Sincerely Panther Nation
  8. Gameday Menu

    I cooked a boston butt in a crock pot for ten hours and it was damn good. The secret rub (giggity) was the key-- apply the rub and cover in plastic wrap in the fridge overnight before cooking.