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  1. Although I am a huge Tar Heel fan and I've watched this guy play for us the past few seasons. Looking at him as a player, his motor, and his aggression when he delivers a blow kind of makes me think of a young Thomas Davis. Check it out: Measurables (Combine Results): Thomas Davis: 6'1 230lbs Arms Length: 33" Hand size: 10.25 40: 4.64 Vertical: 36.5" Andre Smith : 6'0 237lbs Arms Length: 33 1/8" Hand size: 10.00 40: 4.63 and 19 Bench reps. No vertical recorded. Now i am not saying Smith is athletic as TD. TD is a super freak that has a lot looser hips than Smith. Smith tends to seem a little tight when i watch. But the dude can move. He always seems to be around the ball like TD. TD obviously has superior ball skills and coverage skills because of playing safety in college and making the transition to Linebacker. But when i watch these highlights TD comes to mind. You can see the drive and the aggression when watching this video. Thoughts? https://youtu.be/X_JksMomjDw
  2. Catufb85

    Draft Day Chatter

    With the First pick in the 2018 NFL Draft the Browns select.... the next bust. Doesn't matter who they pick it will most likely be wrong.
  3. I agree with you just like many years recently everyone is "Questioning" the QBs and talking "accuracy issues" so on and so forth. Then what happens teams go QB crazy. I think its safe to say Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, and Allen are going in first round before our picks. Some wildcard analysis even predict Lamar Jackson and even now Mason Rudolph could be drafted in the first round. So anywhere from 4-6 QBs could be taken in the first round helping push more and more players towards us at 24. I honestly think that if a guy like Derwin James falls into the Late teens I would be okay with a trade up at that point. Because someone else will jump us if we sit at 24.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000927954/article/curtis-conway-mock-draft-10-browns-jets-among-5-to-pick-qb The Huddle would implode with excite and the heavens would open up and the Carolina's would rejoice. Although this is a very very unlikely scenario for the draft. And this analysis has ever right like the reason of us crazed football fanatics to mock up a draft. But good lord this would be a DREAM scenario play out come Thursday night. The anticipation would literally be killing me watching this guys name fall and drop to us... Then you wake up... PICK 24 Derwin James - S, Florida State I really like James and think he's deserving of being a top-10 pick. The problem is that there isn't a huge demand for safeties this year, so he slides to Carolina.
  5. 1.) Down to later in the first picking up an additional 3rd. 2.) CB Mikes Hughes 3.) 76.8% because "someone else was available"
  6. Most the media and majority of the Huddlers here are waiting anxiously for the Carolina Panthers to go all "sexy" with their pick and take someone like DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley, or some other playmaker to provide Cam in the first round. IMO...Not going to happen. Corner, Safety, and Offensive line are bigger needs right now than wide receiver. Hurney will most likely pull a more logical realistic pick at 24 than most people are anticipating. Using the NFL.com Predict your Pick site I tried to "predict" each pick as if I was that team's GM and select a player that made the most sense and also lets be frank, we are all guessing here. So here is what i came up with: Round 1: Browns: #1 - QB Sam Darnold - I don't think the Browns can afford to get this pick wrong. Sources say they are all over Josh Allen but also that they could be willing to trade out of this pick. Giants: #2 - RB Saquon Barkley - Gettleman will be intrigued to take a QB here for Eli's successor but Gettleman is smarter than most think and I don't think he will pass on a "Generational" type talent. Jets: #3 - QB Josh Allen - Jets like Mayfield, but I think they pull the trigger on Allen who could essentially but the #1 pick in the draft. Browns: #4 - DE Bradley Chubb - With Barkley off the board and already getting their "franchise" QB. Browns take Chubb to pair with Garrett giving them a fierce pass rushing duo. Broncos: #5 - QB Josh Rosen - Elway not expecting what some are calling the most polished QB in the draft available at 5, Elway selects Rosen and finally answers the question at QB since the departure of Manning. Colts: #6 - OL Quenton Nelson - Missing out on Barkley, Colts decide rather than get Luck a weapon, they get him Protection. Nelson is considered by some as the best player in this entire draft. Buccaneers: #7 - CB Denzel Ward - I really wanted to pick Derwin James here and give the Bucs a playmaker at Safety but i think Ward helps solidify their DBs. Bears: #8: - LB Tremaine Edmunds - Bears desperately need help at the LB position and get the best one in the draft at pick 8. 49ers: #9: - LB Roquan Smith - 49ers go LB here at #9 after the uncertainty of Rueben Foster. Raiders: #10 - S Derwin James - Gruden gets his rangy ball hawk that brings the hammer to anchor the back end of his secondary. Dolphins: #11 - QB Baker Mayfield - Dolphins could go DT here with the release of Suh, but i think they are ready to find their QB for years to come. Mayfield is considered the most accurate QB in the draft. Bills: #12 - QB Lamar Jackson - McDermott could go many different options here. With AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman as the QBs on the roster and having experience with a team that has a multifaceted QB (Cameron Newton) McDermott opts out of a WR here and goes ***Shocker*** Lamar Jackson. Redskins: #13 - DB Minkah Fitzpatrick - Redskins get their ballhawking safety here at #13. Could possibly go Josh Jackson here with the loss of Kyle Fuller. Packers: #14 - CB Josh Jackson - Packers choose Jackson CB whos long and rangy at 6'1 190. NFL.com comparison is Josh Norman and will be Day 1 starter. Cardinals: #15 - WR Calvin Ridley - Kind of a shock here at the Cardinals have ALOT of needs. QB could be a pick but already after the top 5 QBs are already off the board, Cardinals go with their Fitzgerald replacement for the future. Possibly could go Offensive line here too. Ravens: #16 - LB Rashaan Evans - GM Ozzie Newsome loves his Defensive players and takes LB Evans who is the new prototypical Lineback who can line up on the edge as a rusher as well. Chargers: #17 - LB Leighton Vander Esch - Chargers love their athletically gifted multi-talented LBs who can also edge rush. Seahawks: #18 - DE Marcus Davenport - With the loss of Bennett Seahawks could be inclined to select a cornerback like Jaire Alexander here but I think they go DE Marcus Davenport who went from small school to second best pass rusher here at #18. Cowboys: #19 - WR DJ Moore - Cowboys could use some help on the Defensive Line but the loss of Dez Bryant hurts more than they are willing to say, so Cowboys select DJ Moore who I consider the best WR in the draft, and crush a ton of Huddlers dreams here in the first round and will be itching to crush them week 1. Lions: #20 - DT Vita Vea - Lions need some help on the Defensive line and what better way to improve than adding a 6'4 347lb younger version of Ngata. Bengals: #21 - DT Da'Ron Payne - Bengals opt to go with Defensive line help as their line is getting really old and Payne fits the big mean and physical type you need on the interior of your line. Bills: #22 - OG Isiah Wynn - What better way to protect your investment of your new QB Lamar Jackson than getting him some protection, Bills go #2 best guard in the draft at #22. Patriots: #23 - LT Kolton Miller - No one is sure what the Patriots will do and their elusive drama continues. No one knows whether they will go weapons for Brady, protection for Brady (losing Solder), or replacement for Brady. I went with Kolton Miller LT from UCLA as the team has met with multiple times. So here we have it at #24 the Carolina Panthers: RECAP: 5 QBs taken, top 2 pass rushers, top 2 wide receivers, the 2 best safeties, 2 cornerbacks, and the best 2 guards have been selected. Team Needs: Safety, Cornerback, Offensive Line, Wide Receiver, and Defensive Line Best Remaining: Guard Will Hernandez CB Jaire Alexander WR Courtland Sutton DE Harold Landry S Justin Reid C/G James Daniels TE Hayden Hurst With the #24 Pick in the 2018 Draft the Panthers select... CB Jaire Alexander: Review from NFL.com: Athletic and tough. Came back for last three games of the season despite missing multiple games due to sprained knee and a broken hand. Eyes stay on quarterback when he's able. Aware and instinctive. Spots traffic from zone and squeezes passing lanes. Carries playmaking traits. Quick response time when quarterback begins release. Smooth mover with plus acceleration to chase. Feet are light and sudden. Crowds and mirror receiver's release without panicking. Stays connected to routes. Pattern reader capable of sudden stops to mirror comeback routes. Aggressive attacking catch point. Climbs on top of receivers and rips arms through potential catches. Has decent recovery burst on the deep ball. Communicative with teammates.
  7. Catufb85

    Browns take 2 QBs?

    This draft is going to be one entertaining event for the ages. Not only are we evaluating the top 4 Qbs and where they could go but hindsight is they are all just kinda "alright." There is no clear cut top QB in this draft. If the Browns take 2 QBs at 1 and 4 that would be the biggest Browns move ever. They should just take the best player in the draft with Barkley and then take either best QB available at 4 but i would take Barkely at 1 and Chubb at 4. Two centerpieces of your offense and defense and draft a QB in the 2nd round like a Mason Rudolph who i personally think as just as high a ceiling and groom him behind Tyrod this year.
  8. I agree with this. Even though earlier in the year I was all for drafting a WR with our 1st pick the closer and closer we get to draft day, the excitement of drafting someone like Ridley, Moore, Sutton, Kirk, etc. is fading. I fully believe you can get playmaking wide receivers in this draft in the mid rounds that would be just as productive. However, with the glaring holes at Safety, Cornerback, and Guard, i truly believe the smart decision is to go for these positions. I expect us to go Hernandez, Josh Jackson, Jaire Alexander, Justin Reid (think hes more of a Day 2 guy), Harrison (Day 2 guy). My prediction is either Hernandez, Jackson, or Alexander. There's more of a drop off in talent IMO after these first round talent guys are gone.
  9. Catufb85

    Doc's Draft

    Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 24: Alexander, Jaire, CB, Louisville Round 2 Pick 23: Washington, James, WR, Oklahoma State Round 3 Pick 21: Smith, Braden, OG, Auburn Round 3 Pick 24: White, Kyzir, SS, West Virginia Round 5 Pick 24: Ballage, Kalen, RB, Arizona State Round 6 Pick 23: Facyson, Brandon, CB, Virginia Tech Round 7 Pick 16: McDermott, KC, OT, Miami (FL) Round 7 Pick 24: Izzo, Ryan, TE, Florida State
  10. That time of year where all football fans are salivating and chomping at the bit ready for the draft to get here! Less than two weeks away and no one really knows how this draft is going to go. To my memory this will probably be one of the more unpredictable and wild drafts that i can recall just solely based on the fact that no one even knows how the 1st through the top 10 picks will go because of the Quarterbacks, teams trading up, teams like the Giants who could take anyone from Darnold to Barkley to even trading down, and plenty more possibilities. Panthers sit at #24 in the draft with a multitude of needs: Safety, Cornerback, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, and Defensive Line. History shows that after about the first 15 picks the value from say 16-40 are about the same. Sitting at #24, if we say there, there is a ton of value still left but depending on if "our guy" falls to us or worst case scenario we go BPA. With have several holes we need to fill and being on the back end of each round in the draft with the plus of having two 3rd round picks we need to make sure we hit on our first four picks and they are immediate contributors. Anything after about round 4 is completely unpredictable. Here's my shot at a mock feel free to criticize as needed: Round 1 Pick 24: CB, Jaire Alexander (Louisville) 5'11 192 ran a 4.38 at the combine. Mayock has Jaire as his #2 cornerback as of the beginning of April. I believe Denzel Ward and Josh Jackson will be gone by the time we draft. Wide Receiver could be in play here but I believe Calvin and also DJ Moore will be gone as well. Mayock has Ridley and Moore #1 and #2 Wide Receivers. Christin Kirk i believe will still be in place here but I believe at this time Cornerback is a bigger concern. I love Jaire's aggressiveness and swagger. Could use a littler more muscle on his slender frame but plays bigger than he looks. And a guess a little added bonus he's a local product from Charlotte. Round 2 Pick 55th Pick: TE Hayden Hurst (South Carolina) NFL comparison to Greg Olsen our very own. Brought in for private workout athletic tight end that scouts say has the grit and work ethic to become a starting TE in this league. What better TE to learn from than our guy G-reg. Round 3 pick 85: Safety Jessie Bates III (Wake Forest) 6'1 200 safety ran a 4.5 at combine. Described as a very instinctive safety that plays bigger than listed. Prospect whom we've personally met with. Helps fill the hole at safety. Round 3 pick 88: RB Nick Chubb (UGA) *Not sure if he'll be here this late my other picks would be C Frank Ragnow or WR DaeShaun Hamilition. Chubb is being viewed as the 2nd best running back out of UGA and i would have to agree. He looked healthy last year after hurting his knee which he seems to have recovered from and had a successful season even sharing time with Sony Michel. I think Chubb could be the thunder to CMC's lightning. Just a shot in the dark of what I hope could happen. But come draft day i think its going to be one of the more trade happy drafts we could have. Keep Pounding.
  11. Catufb85


    Huddlers and fans are so quickly to judge a trade, release, etc. and going purely based on personal opinion. Panthers made a move that obviously they saw a foreshadowing of behavioral issues. Now granted there is no way of knowing what goes on behind the scenes and in the locker room. But yes, as the scenario played out this was a great move by the Panthers, that initially the forum was blowing up because of the move. Ending result, Panthers get Torrey Smith, Eagles got nothing but a headache.
  12. Catufb85

    Dez Bryant expected to be Cut

    too rich for us. He is going to get ridiculously overpaid by someone.
  13. I like this kid. Think he is a little underrated when they are discussing top cornerbacks coming out this year. They are projecting he could go anywhere from 1st to end of the 2nd round. He's 6'1 190 ran a 4.5 and his nose for the ball and how quickly he adjusts his sight and body while the ball is in the air really compares to the likes of our former player Josh Norman. I don't believe this player will be there for us in the 2nd round. IMO someone is going to get a heck of a football player if we goes before us at 24 or after we choose another player. I like this kids film.
  14. "Legend" Kiper is one of the more respected Draft Analysis but is usually very wrong in his selections. I know its all a guessing game trying to pick the minds of these teams and where they will go... But i wouldn't be happy with this draft. I think a CB has to be a selection within out first 3 picks. We need starting caliber. Other than Reid the rest are backups.