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  1. Get a load of Russell Wilson's clothing line

    Seriously, how can anyone like this guy?
  2. Weak Minded Fans

    They have the exact same assist to turnover ratio at 1.7. Batum averages 2 more assists per game but plays 9 more minutes per game on average than Lin. I still think Batum is far and away the better overall player, but I've said wtf about some of Batum's passes this year more than anyone else on this team.
  3. Weak Minded Fans

    Batum leads the team in turnovers per game. The best passer on this team is Lin.
  4. Meh, not gonna sign here, so whatever.
  5. So his mother dies and he's shocked that not many came to her funeral? But then he takes a collective dump on his former teammates calling them out for fumbling in the super bowl? yeah, sounds like a quality teammate. I'm just happy others are starting to see what i've seen all along. Dude is a trash person. Gettleman knew what he was doing getting the "me" guys out of here.
  6. Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

    But, puppy fraud.
  7. There's no way he was fully healed to begin with. They rushed him back and now they're paying the price. You don't rush a guy back that couldn't stay healthy in the first place.
  8. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    No, you're Philly.
  9. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    I'm cool with it. Gonna be 34 by the time the season starts.
  10. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    Him and Clifford would clash worse than Lance and Clifford did. Very talented, yet very immature.
  11. It's NOT about race!

    Wow. Look at this thug! Oh wait, he's white. Carry on... (FWIW I'm white, and I've noticed how blatantly racist these critics are.)
  12. Donald Trump is picking and rooting for the Broncos

    Donald Trump is scared of a black QB.
  13. Pages and pages later.... Have you ever had your opinion on a racial, political, religious, or any other extremely personal issue changed by someone else's opinion on a message board? Nah, me neither.