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  1. So, did the Cardinals land?

    Only in Carolina do the air traffic controllers not divert to make it harder on the visitors.  "Can't bring you in, 8th busiest airport in the nation, we were closed down on Friday and got 36 hours of commercial flights stacked up, you need to go to Jacksonville."  Oh no, Mr. Nice Guy, come right in.
  2. Dallas Tears are Delicious

    Interesting how they don't show Jerry Jones in the 4th quarter of these games.  They sure as hell show other owners during losses.
  3. Phil Simms

    I'm not bitter--I'm laughing at how bad he was.  I've always hated him, but I have a newfound lack of respect for him now.
  4. Phil Simms

    For three quarters he talked about how the Cowboys were trying too hard, making mistakes, or just not "in sync" instead of recognizing that they got their butts kicked up and down the field on both sides of the ball.  Then he finally quieted down and conceded that we were "probably one of the two or three best teams in the league right now." What an observation.  He was also bitingly incisive after the blocked field goal whereupon he noted that "this proves anything can happen."
  5. Phil Simms

    Just shut up.  I know it's your job to keep 50 million people from changing the channel, but you still suck at your job.