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  1. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic Saints Dumpster fire gets more fuel   

    Jesus, I'm almost starting to feel bad for them.
    No not really when I think about it.
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  2. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic Who will be the worst team in the NFL this year   

    Agreed.  As much as I hate the Saints, he's simply too talented for that to happen.
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  3. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic Brady's suspension upheld
    This should really be aimed at Belicheck.  Deflated ball probably doesn't make much a difference to a QB throwing it, but makes a HUGE difference for ball carriers.
    I personally believe this is all Belicheck's doing, and Tom makes the perfect scapegoat.
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  4. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic Philly Brown with a sick route against Patrick Peterson   

    I love the head fake he makes back to the QB before his last cut.  Guys bit on that hard.
    Corey's biggest asset, IMO, isn't his quickness or speed, it's his brakes.  Those final cuts he makes are absolutely lethal and being able to bring yourself to a complete halt like that is very difficult to do.
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  5. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic Ranking the modern Marvel Movies   

    How does anyone put iron man 2 above 3??
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  6. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic Gregg Williams says he didn't mean it   

    Vitt is easy to blame. He looks like a pedophile
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  7. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic This is gross podcast coming back?   

    I had such high hopes of our 2013 team and a big part of it was the podcast.  Hearing him talk with our guys felt so unique as a fan.  Most people see quarterbacks and coaches vanilla post game interviews or the weak "don't directly answer any questions directly" radio interviews, what we got was absolutely incredible.  Being able to hear our panthers and what they do in their spare time, their crazy stories together, and just letting them shoot the poo a little was something I'm not quite sure any other fan has had access to.
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  8. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic Overweight or Underweight?   

    Rather someone be overweight. As long as the guy is willing to run he can shed it quite easily. Artificially increasing weight takes much more work and is more difficult to do as the years pass.
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  9. Frizzy350 added a post in a topic supplemental draft   

    275 lbs? Good luck playing tackle in the nfl.
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