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  1. You are almost right. They actually developed all these advanced metrics based on Dave's football knowledge and success rate in the draft.
  2. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

  3. HAHAHA! Omg man I know EXACTLY how you feel! To be fair, it ain't just girls staring at their phones all day, and none of the young can cook. It isn't uncommon to go out to the bar with a few buddies and 4 of them are sitting at a table all playing on their phones. When I first moved out to college I was making stir fry with ramen noodles instead of rice. Only learned how to cook out of necessity. Honestly I bet it is less of an issue down South (I'm a yankee) with the warm weather - being outside and grilling.
  4. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    Actually for the most part, Shaq was shutting down Fitz. Maybe he's gonna start at corner to keep him on the field : P
  5. Blockbuster Trade in the Works

    The question is if Denver's roster is still good enough to stay in control of the game. If it is, they will be fine. I'd argue Tyrod will be an improvement over what Manning provided last year.
  6. Johnny Manziel does another stupid thing

    Nanny nit-picker here. I don't think you can technically "fire" a client.
  7. Sorry but Luke is on the fast track to Canton. He's probably got a better shot than Cam right now.
  8. Blockbuster Trade in the Works

    Arm strength is a serious concern. He is not a guy who you can rely on to consistently drive the ball down the field. He makes great decisions and is athletic, but he throws up a bunch of wobbly ducks with too much hangtime.
  9. Fozzy got married yesterday...

    Best wedding cake ever! Awesome work Fozzy, hope you keep running fast and strong because there are some nice young bucks nippin at those heels!
  10. Jeremy is the world's first photobombing photographer. Own it Zod. Own it!
  11. The Inevitable "Trade-up" Thread

    If we do trade up I doubt it is in the first. Methinks we'd be more likely to make moves in the 3rd-5th rounds. Top 20 picks are just too pricey.
  12. J-No wants 16 million a year

    The problem with paying a top cb that kind of money is their effectiveness gets diminished vs spread formations, which is all the rage in the nfl these days. We need to solidify the nickel position and have depth at corner. Need more consistent pass rush too.
  13. I was really hoping he'd catch a TD in the superbowl, we'd end up winning it. Then he'd get into a petty contract dispute in the offseason, quit football and open a hamburger stand.
  14. Funch will be our best receiver within 3 years. He came along really well for how raw he was/is. Seems like a good kid that gets it, and he moves so incredibly well for his size. I see why hes learning every position at wide out. Hes got the total package just needa nfl strength, coaching and fine tuning.
  15. A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    Yes. Josh is an awesome dude but i just dont see us giving him long term big money. Guys like kk, trai and possibly kony just have way more room for long term production. Ive also liked the quality backups weve had the past few years. Id hate to see a high paid superstar get injured or suspended and have it cripple the team.