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  1. Was DG that great?

    Does it really matter? Gettleman is gone. The important thing is, was Hurney really that great? And sadly there can only be one answer and its not yes. Even more sadly we are about to enter a period were Hurney is last time was a disaster. Finding cheap gems and overpaying veterans. With Star, Norwell, TD, Olsen up for new contracts. We could be in cap trouble next season if we are not going to finde some great cheap players to fill the roster.
  2. Hurney Statement

    And for some reason Hurney did not and when he did... We hired him back.
  3. Hurney Statement

    You are a funny guy... But that is just one more thing he did not have en common with Hurney. He fuged up over and over again and kept his job.
  4. Hurney Statement

    Well what did Gettleman do when he made a mistake? That is one if not the biggest difference between him and Hurney. And yes Gettleman surely make mistakes ind the draft. But he then did something about the poo he made. Hurney did not.
  5. Hurney left a 7-9 roster... And no money to spend. ( I know he got fired after the 1-5 starter ) Not like Hurney build a powerhouse for Gettleman. The draft 2009-10 and 2011 was pretty much the worst piece of poo you could find. And top that with the fact Hurney tried to trade a first rounder (Newton) for Clausen. He was damn lucky. On top of that, Hurney had 10 years.... He had a lot of time to build a team we could dominate with... But he never did. He got his chance and fuged it up. For some odd reason we now give him yet another chance. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  6. Bla bla bla... Did we win 40 games on his watch? Have we ever won 40 games over a 4 year span? If Hurney was that great... Why the fug did we not win more? He had 10 years and got 3 winning seasons and only 2 NFC South titles
  7. 3 NFC South titles ( as much as Hurney in 10 years) 1 NFC Championship title 40 W ( better than any 4 year span under Hurney) He might be a idiot idk but he is the best GM we ever had.
  8. Hurney had 10 years and never did anything close to what Gettleman have done. If anything Hurney was giving way to much time. There is no way Hunrey would have won with a cap hell like what he created. Again... Fine we fire Gettleman if he did anything behind the scene. But there is no way you hire the man who was a utterly disaster last time.
  9. We never had a 4 year span as good as the last four years. Clearly something was going on behind closed doors and Gettleman might have fuged poo up and was rightly fired. Fine I can live with that and trust Jerry.... You can not argue that Gettleman had more succes here in four years than Hurney had in ten. Who cares about who drafted who. We won 40 games over the last four year and went to the PO three times. Hurney was never closed to that kind of succes over a four year span and if I am not mistaken only got os to into the PO three times over TEN years.... Hunrey might have an eye for talent. But who cares if you can draft like a god if you lose games because you have pissed all the money away on stupid contracts. Gettleman might have won with a foundation build by Hurney... But that is more than Hurney could with a foundation build by Hurney... This is a PR nightmare. We are a joke. Lets just hire Hardy and trade away a first round pick for Fox... Talk about having a bad day to have a bad day. I guess it is what it is.
  10. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    They signed him to play G but he is actually playing RT
  11. Per @ESPNStatsInfo, the Seahawks had not allowed four scoring drives of 80 yards at home in the last 15 years before today.
  12. Hardy's Intent

    Next time.. More juice and less gin dude.
  13. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Rambo, you should get some help.
  14. You have a QB playing like poo and an O-line ding the same... Maybe 7 step drops is not the way to gou Shula... Help the O-line and QB you moron.