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  1. Needing 7... Running af slow ass TE crossing route 4 yds short... Shula
  2. Dropped passes, Shula, missed assignments, missed tackles, missed chipshot FG etc etc. This is not a very good footballteam and we will ´get our assed kicked
  3. Sure. Ginn is the reason Saints har killing it on O. Yep. Gettleman made som huge mistakes. Kalil and the handling of Norman ( not letting him go, but the handling ) but to say Ginn is some mighty force is stupid. Had Byrd not been unluckey with his arm he would have done the same as Ginn if not more.
  4. That is not at all the same thing? Is this for real?
  5. Your favorite RonRon quotes

    No idea but looking forward to " I quit"
  6. Had momentum at the end of the half... Pussy played it and gave it up and never got it back. This team is not a PO team and is really not that close.
  7. Fine we get it. Ron and Hurney thinks we had two of the same style players and wanted something else. A little weird first to get that now but ok.... But if you you realize we have two, style wise alike players. Why not trade the worst away? Not the the best. KB is clearly the better player, and its not really that close.
  8. Yes and we all know a kicker is drafted with that 7th rounder.
  9. Buffalo Reached Out to Us

    For the love of God the Panthers need to put Hurney in a witness protection program before the idiot have traded for Brown og Edwards and have traded away first round picks while giving out huge contracts to Stewart and Kalil. The "some Gm reached out to Hurney" has never ended well for us.
  10. Marty Speaks...

    So 8 games in Hurney suddenly realize KB is not a speed guy. With that reaction time he and Person will get along fine.
  11. Not really.. He had an ok first year and then went MIA
  12. WR drafted by Hurney Joe Adams Kealoha Pilares Brandon LaFell Armanti Edwards David Gettis Dwayne Jarret Rhyne Robinson Keary Colbert Drew Carter Walter Young No need to worry guys......
  13. I love Cam! But he have got to work on how he handle adversity both on and off the field. Which is weird since that was one of his strong suits when he was younger NFL player and in college.