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  1. Give Cam the MVP

    Not sure if it has been posted on here yet but Bill Barnwell has a good article comparing Brady and Cam for the MVP. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14202469/sizing-mvp-race-cam-newton-tom-brady-nfl
  2. Yeah exactly, you can say a lot about the reign of Hurndog but giving Davis the chance to prove he could stay healthy might have been one of the most important decisions he ever made. I have always been a massive TD fan but I didn't have an inkling that he would turn into such a lightning rod for this team.
  3. Sarcastic or not I think that is also pretty interesting question. I think we are all pretty certain that Shaq is here to be TD Jr, but he probably isn't quite ready yet. And that is not even touching on the fire and intensity of TD. That guy cannot bring himself to get beat and he wont allow anyone else on the team to even consider the possibility. His leadership is going to be a huge loss when he does eventually hang up the cleats. Personally I dread the day when 58 is not running around yelling "Protect Our Dirt!"
  4. Amini......playing better

    One of the sacks was on Tolbert who missed his man on the delayed blitz, so Amini wasn't responsible for all 5