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  1. Interesting that some people think Sean Lee is better than Luke? Literally worse in every major stat.
  2. kornicova

    Cam and Greg both going to the HoF

    There’s no way Pep misses out, he’s a legit first ballot. I think Cam needs to improve his passing numbers and he’ll get I off the back of his rushing. He’s a 50/50 shot. If Luke plays for 10+ years he’ll be a lock also. The only way I see him not making it is through head knocks ending his career. Would love #89 to make it in and same with Greg but have a feeling they might be on the outside looking in.
  3. Article is nothing special, just a ranking of top three weapons across the league. Although our combination of Cam, CMC and Greg was much higher (6) than I was expecting. Most interesting thing was Dameshek saying that both Cam and Greg were going to the HoF unequivocally. I don't think I've ever seen anyone from the national media say that CAM is Hall bound period, let alone saying it with such conviction. A bit surprising to see from Dameshek who I've never heard say anything nice about players not playing for New England or Dallas. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000943194/ranking-triplets-for-2018-steelers-saints-looking-strong
  4. Would love to see what my room Lukes like with this on the wall @Dactylicious
  5. kornicova

    Post a pic, any pic.

    Hahaha Good old Taihape