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  1. kornicova added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Get healthy
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  2. kornicova added a post in a topic Ed Dicksons Fumble Recovery TD   

    Not that it would have any bearing on this play but I think there is also a rule about fumbling forwards in the end zone where it can only be recovered by the ball carrier otherwise it comes back or something like that  
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  3. kornicova added a post in a topic So where are we in the NFC (and the NFL)   

    I think it's really hard to say right now because of the teams we've played.
    I don't think we are in the top echelon of teams yet, but I think we will get better as we get further into the season because of the way this team is built. We are a tough team built around a stout defense so it will be interesting to see whether we can keep up when we play some high octane offenses like Green Bay, Phili and Indy.
    In the NFC I think Green Bay are far and away the best team, I think we are on the next level down from them with Seattle, Arizona, Atlanta and Minnesota.  
    We should go into the bye 4-0 so it'll be interesting to see if we start getting some respect by then.  
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  4. kornicova added a post in a topic For those that didnt watch the game on TV, Rhonde...   

    Calling CAP Curtis
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  5. kornicova added a post in a topic Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"   

    Would love to see what my room Lukes like with this on the wall
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