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  1. Well Isn't That Convenient...

            I mean I know we played like poo. But outside of Von Miller, so did Denver. But no matter what I feel like even had we played perfect, we still would have lost because Manning and the NFL wants him out with a great sunset. The more I think of it, the worse it hurts and makes more sense. Notice how many times on punt returns when Ted would fair catch it at the 35 or 40 yard line with great field position, there would ALWAYS be a random flag on us but they never ONCE showed a replay (when they do all the time in the regular season and even in the playoffs). Isn't it funny that ref is now 6-0 with the Broncos and his connection has a gig as a replay coordinator and is a broncos fan? Isn't it funny he grew up in Nebraska which is Bronco country? 0 penalties in the second half, picked up flags, huge moment swings from penalties that made no sense. I'm tired of being screwed over by the NFL. I was okay with losing, but by losing I mean getting straight out beat in a fair game. Not in a one way called, let's all root and write a script for Manning Super Bowl.      AGAIN MIKE REMMERS AND SHULA MADE US NOT DESERVE THIS WIN, BUT HAD THEY EVEN PLAYED GREAT - I STILL KNOW WE WOULD HAVE LOST.
  2. Panthers homecoming video courtesy of Ed Dickson.

    Looks like some of the fans wanted to say something but didn't know which player he was. haha.   I love our fanbase. This helps ease the pain. Just wish I was there with em!
  3. Remmers

    Time to become a solid backup or let him go... Cost us the Hawks playoff game last year, Atlanta Game, and was absolutely horrifying yesterday. If you have some decent speed you will beat Remmers.  Also, CJ needs to be cut. Easy balled out and I feel as if CJ had much more playing time. What say you Huddle?
  4. NFL Rigged?

    I'm more upset about losing the Super Bowl though...
  5. NFL Rigged?

    Again fellas...I am not saying this is why we lost - but it had a huge we all know football is a game of inches and momentum...
  6. NFL Rigged?

    Don't get me wrong. We played like poo tonight (but so did Denver). Shula, Remmers, Drops, Blocking, etc. were trash.   But you can't tell me that in what will be Peytons last game, the Broncos end up with 0 penalties in second half, an obvious catch that turns into a 7 point td for Denver, a picked up flag on a crucial 3rd down and no replay of it, an "illegal blindside" from Tre (wtf is that even a rule?), and literally every time we would fair catch a punt in good filed position, we would get a random block in back or something - every single time and a holding on a crucial 3rd and goal when the ball was beyond uncatchable and it wasn't even a hold. The head ref is now 6-0 in bronco games (he picked up flags and called cotches "no catch") and lived in Nebraska - where everyone is a bronco fan (have family there). Just felt so fuggin scripted too with the postgame speech from goodell and down 6 at the end of the third CBS only showed Manning with the lombardi then ended with him walking out the door like it was his last thing he ever did in the NFL. Just a fuggin joke of a performance today by the Panthers, NFL, Refs and Cam's press conference. I love Cam but he has to grow up. If you are going to dish poo and be an MVP - act like it after a loss. If you are defending him with that press conference - take off the homer glasses.   So is it rigged or just coincidence that everything fuggin perfect happened to Peyton and the broncos tonight
  7. Cam pouting at the podium

    I love Cam. Trust me. But with all the poo he dishes he needs to learn to take the poo fed back. Just answer the damn media questions and then move on. People hate him no matter what but this is a reason to ACTUALLY hate him. He needs to grow up...
  8. Broncos LB Said Carolina Didnt Switch Anything Up

    Does this surprise you? Never understood the praise he got from all of us on here...It's been Cam making those plays not his play calling.
  9. But honestly, posting something 2 whole times is so much?  You sound like an angry mom....maybe you should write a letter...
  10. SB50 trailer independence day w/actual actor


  12. Congrats Huddle: Campa1gn

    Back in June, I had made a promo and a post regarding how I believed Cam would win MVP:     In the poll, 3/4 of you agreed:       And then....there were these guys...     We've come a long way since June. One more tomorrow #KeepPounding            
  13. 3 For 3

    Asked a few players today at Training Camp (IFL) who they thought would win SB 50....shockingly went 3/3. It is amazing how we truly are a favorite in a Superbowl a year after going 7-8-1 and losing KB (not to mention 17-1). What a time to be alive.       #KeepPounding