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  1. His one highlight reel looks like a fuggin high school tape. :(
  2. That's my QB..

    Yeah I just wanted to throw a small something together. I still have yet to make a full highlight reel for the MVP....but that's coming ;)
  3. Didn't help that the fuggin NFL would put the Broncos D right next to him and blast their press conference while Cam had his. "But But But Russel took it like a man". Well was Russel listening to Malcolm Butler live it up right next to him? "Well...Cam is a thug and steals laptops" ^ Every Facebook comment from cam haters
  4. That's my QB..

  5. Bob McGinn's top 100 players

    Misleading thread is misleading
  6. Deangelo Williams throwing shade at Gettleman...

    So first he hated the entire team cause no one went to his moms funeral but now he loves the team and hates the coaches? Make up your fuggin mind Deangelo. Im about to go drop off his jersey at a goodwill if he keeps this poo up
  7. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    SO DG is comfortable with Bene and Boykin covering Julio twice a year and any other starter? We better be pushing for a CB in the draft...and not some random ass one in the 5th round.
  8. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Jesus. We finally get a great corner for the first time since Gamble and he gone in virtually a year. Same goes with Hardy. We start getting these elite players like Seattle but they fug up or we let em go. Can't catch a god damn break. Not to mention we played one cheater in a Super Bowl and the face of the NFL in his last game in the other. FUG our luck.
  9. It is blatantly obvious what the Broncos are doing

    Not to mention they probably won't have mr clete blakeman aka grew up in nebraska and the broncos are my favorite team which is why they are 6-0 when I ref their games, reffing on opening night. Oh and Peyton manning who of course wouldn't go out a loser. Yeah I'm still salty. When you wait years for this and a magical season like that happens, you just can't help but wonder when your team plays like that completely after balling out all playoffs.
  10. Pulled The Trigger (MNF)

    That's what I've heard. How are the views though? In pictures and videos the players look like ants. I've been to 101 and 121 both times I've been in Charlotte. 101 was a section full of old people who didn't wanna stand and cheer on 3rd down, and 121 was a little bit better.
  11. Pulled The Trigger (MNF)

    Booked plane tickets literally 5 minutes after the schedule came out because everything lined up perfectly and plane tix were cheap at the moment for a trip to Charlotte in October. Gonna be my first MNF game and my first divisional game. Only question left is....what section would you all recommend? Ticket prices are pretty high on stub hub, so I'm looking around! Can't wait!
  12. way to early 2016 prediction thread

    It's not their team, it just their fanbase is a joke. Talk all this poo when they win, pop out of no where, then when they lose they all are silent and disappear. These past 4 months have been amazing. No joke either, a Seahawks PRO SHOP opened up at the mall out here back in Feb 2014 (literally a few weeks after winning Super Bowl) and it closed this last February. Like they weren't in the super bowl so they had no sales and had to shut down lmfao
  13. way to early 2016 prediction thread

    Why are people so scared of Seattle? Last year they showed that they are heading back to reality and we did all that without KB and a lot of Corners. Not to mention Marshawn is gone and they literally have done nothing in FA.
  14. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    Going to my first MNF game against Tampa!!!! Booked plane tickets! God I can't wait!
  15. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    Panthers Falcons on Xmas EVE